Effects of Receiving God’s Word with the Law Perspective

1. Under the Law you sin more- The issue with the law is that though it was good, it was not perfect for the plight of man so it could not make any man perfect. Remember scriptures speaks of every good and perfect gift comes down from our father James1:17. Notice there are two types of gifts mentioned here: a. The good Gift b. The Perfect Gift.

We need to understand certain truths in the body of Christ at large, by which to view scriptures and it is by this understanding that we would be able to directly know and access the heart of the father. Haven said that, let us examine a good gift. A good gift is something quality given to another voluntarily, without effort. The given item could just be a nice shirt that has everything about it, the way it should be. The collar sits well, the sleeves fits well in the armhole, the material used is of top quality; but it is just not your size and the color is exactly not what you would have wanted. We have all at one time or the other in our life’s experienced this; where there was no arguing about the quality of a particular product or gift offered(or given) to us. No doubt, it was good, beautiful and lovely, but it just wasn’t perfect for us, so we barely took it and when we had it, it was not of much use to us. Thus, we rather risked repeating a particular shirt or repeatedly use our perfect item than wear and use that good item in our closet. A good gift, is of good quality but not perfect for us. On the other hand, when we have the perfect gift it always seems it was tailored for us, to suit us and give comfort to our structure or the fitting structure it is interlocking with. This is were the term ‘perfect fit’ originated, meaning a dress or item that first perfectly to a person or place. Many of us have such gifts and items in our home and life’s but have never linked their connection to God’s grace in our life’s.

Paul explained it this way in Rom7:12 when he said “wherefore the law is holy and the commandments holy, and just and good.” Speaking of the qualities of the law. But in vs.9 of the same chapter He said “I was alive without the law once; but when the commandments came, sin revived and I died. Understand that Paul was in the Spirit as his life unveiled before Him by the revelation if the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was revealing to him the dynamics of the law in his(Paul’s) life; so this was not Paul speaking but Paul reporting what He was seeing in the Spirit. This was what he discovered, that at the instance of the law, sin revived in him, meaning rather than a godly revival unto God, he was awake rather unto sin. This we see in vs13-24, therefore though the law is good, holy and just, it was deficient of making us good, holy and just because of the sin nature in man which wrestled always against the law vs 19-23. So God himself, finding fault with the law Heb8:7-13, because of it’s inability to make anything perfect Heb.7:18-19, abolished it Eph2:15 and gave us a perfect law based on a perfect covenant of Grace. Now a perfect gift is that which suits the recipient perfectly. It needs no adjustments, it needs no accessory for enhancement or effectiveness; nothing more needs to be added to it, it is just perfect in itself. This is what Grace is and what God expects it to achieve in our life’s, Rom8:3-4 that it should destroy the sin nature in us completely by the law of faith Rom9:30-32 and revive us unto God completely. I have good news for you, Grace is the only true source and sustainer of any revival. Where there is no Grace, sin is revived and death is the end result Rom7 and 8:2b. In writing this, I remember many churches that exalt the old law and interpret scriptures after the the pattern and perspective of the old law. There congregations are always a wreck, mostly full of sin and unable to break free from their addictions but in Christian circles were Grace is King as Jesus (not the law) is allowed to be Lord, sin addicts become righteousness addicts like Paul, haters become lovers like Zacheus and lovers become dedicated followers like Andrew, Peter, John and others. The message here is that without Grace, you cannot stop sinning and the way you measure the word you hear, determines how empowered you become to live above sin and to live the good life.


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