From What Perspective are you Listening to God’s Word

How are you measuring Gods word? is it by the law or Grace? teacups or barrel loads.

Just Like the rich young ruler, to whom Jesus thought to bless with Grace, but wouldn’t receive because he (like many Christians are, saw another works challenge and) understood wrongly. Thus, he went away disappointed, (both) with Himself and Jesus, because He thought Jesus would have being wowed by his impressive resume of faithfulness to the Law but was shocked when he was yet found wanton (for the Law never perfects, only Grace does Heb. 7:19). Jesus was offering this man Grace, but He won’t receive it. He was saying to Him, take up My Grace (Cross) and follow me, but unfortunately he measured the words spoken to him wrongly and missed out of the Grace offer.

This is so typical of the law, it blindfolds and deafens its followers from the power and reality of Grace. Just as scriptures says that He(the Lord through the Law) hath blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so that they would not see nor understand the gospel, lest they should be converted and be healed by Jesus John12:40, Isaiah6:10, Matt.13:13-15 & Rom.11:8. Thus when Jesus came, He said to us all “take heed what you hear, for with what measure you measure out: it will be measured back to you; and unto you that hear shall more be given Mark4:24. The way we hear the word of God is important, how we measure it is very key; for if we must receive our inheritances in Christ Jesus, then we must measure God’s word rightly.

The hearing of Grace is an asset to any believer, because judging God’s word through the perspective of Grace, would unlock the blessings of scriptures to us beyond our widest imaginations Eph2:7. Through the eyes of Grace we would see the unimaginable, hear the unspeakable gifts and handle the unthinkable, pure and perfect things of God, which God has ordained to be revealed and manifested to us in this time.

The reason people hold on to the pattern of the old covenant and hear solely through it’s filter is because they always esteem the old wine(law, pattern, perspective, works) over the new wine Luke 5:39, this is the deception that stagnates many life’s under the law, keeping them from hearing and understanding the truth about the Grace of God. Therefore, since the old and new can never agree together vs.36, we therefore have many confused Christian’s in our world today who keep mixing law and Grace but never get good results from the mixture Gal4:30. The miracle at the marriage of Canaan was an analogy of what Jesus was sent to do on the earth. Just as the story went, Jesus arrival was to fulfill and put an end to the old wine, re-enact the new wine by Himself and serve all who were interested in having the new wine, no wonder David said “oh taste and see that the Lord is good…” psalm34:8. In the kingdom of God, the new wine is to be served after the old wine has being done away with, not the other way around as declared by the ruler of ceremony John2:9-10.

Many times when we are out of wine, we seek God, expecting him to dish out more laws to us; oh! how we have missed out on God’s perfect plan many times. We expected the law but patiently He kept offering us His Grace yet, because we refuse to pay attention and to listen through His Grace, we miss out time and again on the best deals ever.


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