The Difference between Zacchaeus and the Rich Young Ruler Prt.2.

The Difference
Grace is the only force that has the capacity to successfully transform a sinner and help perfect the obedience of the saints Eph2:5-8 & Heb7:19. Zacchaeus,(though a sinner) found Grace, how much more would a Christian find Grace, if he/she is open to it. Unlike the rich young ruler who faulted at the law and at the stumbling stone, Zacchaeus was transformed and made new at the stumbling stone (Jesus Christ) Rom.9:31-33. The rich young ruler who followed after the law failed to attain to righteousness because He rejected Jesus and the Grace He offered, but Zacchaeus who received Jesus and the Grace He offered willingly, attained to righteousness in one moment. Thus God designed, that through Jesus Christ only Grace can transform a person.

You can never brag under Grace but the law puffs up 1Cor8:1, because the law makes nothing perfect Heb7:19 and Grace is All about Jesus. The rich young ruler thought He was okay and perfect until he met with Jesus, he was so self confident, that he never thought anything could be wrong with him Matt:19:20. Then he discovered there was one thing missing in his life; which was a life of service and not just periodic acts of random goodness. This requirement was too high for his comprehension, so he departed saddened as defeated. But his counterpart who was exactly the opposite of his person, met with Grace and humbled himself before Jesus Christ, which automatically gave him his place in righteousness. Grace brings to humility, for all that you are would be because of Jesus 1Cor15:10. Unlike the law that puffs up.

You serve better under Grace than the law. Grace functions in us, as an empowerment to serve God better because of Jesus Christ Luke7:47. Thus, like Zacchaeus, you pledge your whole life to serve God, willfully, rather than forcefully.

The Permanent Solution
Grace comes by revelation and not just by the logos of the word. Therefore, we need to pray for our Pastors New members, converts and the entire congregation that are added to our Churches that Grace would be the King in all our churches and the Love of God would be the atmosphere amongst us all as believers. Praying Eph1:16-20, Eph3:14-20 & Col.1:9-11 is key to seeing the growth of a healthy and expanding body of Christ in our world today.

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