The Difference between Zacchaeus and the Rich Young Ruler.

Luke 18:18-23 and Luke:19:1-9
The story of Zacchaeus and the rich young ruler are two direct opposites reflecting the operations of the law and the limitlessness of Grace.

The Identity
The rich young ruler had tried to keep the law all his life and was totally Law driven all through life. Yet, meeting Jesus rocked his cruise, with the Grace demand that Jesus placed on Him. Jesus was offering Him Grace, a kingdom approach to doubling His income without toiling for it under the law. But his mind was under the law, so he missed his opportunity to follow the directions and pathways of Grace to a better future Luke18:30. You need to understand that the law is exhaustive by nature, for whosoever does them must live by them Rom10:5 & Gal3:10-11. The purpose of the law was to bring man to the end of himself, so that Grace could find expression in our life’s.

The rich young ruler was oblivious of this truth and missed out of the best, God had to offer him through Jesus Christ Luke 18:29-30. The request Jesus made of the rich young ruler was the answer to his question about inheriting eternal life with an icing of a hundred fold blessing on it.

Zacchaeus on the other hand, a sinful man, who never kept the law, encountered Jesus and the Grace He had to offer Luke 19. All he wanted was a glimpse of Jesus when Grace found Him vs4-5. This is so typical of Grace, that when you seek after Him, He embraces you immediately and makes His home with you. Now the blessedness of Grace is this; He overwhelms you with His goodness before you can get to do anything for Him. This in return draws you closer to Him, to do more for Him than you have ever done; because while we were yet sinners He died for us and because of this, we can come to Him in repentance of our sins and acceptance of Him and He would make His abode with us.

Zacchaeus did nothing but to be curious enough to check Jesus out, by climbing a tree . In return, he got more than what He bargained for. This, overwhelmed Zacchaeus who received Jesus joyfully, on-like the rich young ruler who left Jesus being sorrowful. Zacchaeus received Him with joy and right at the feast, Zacchaeus did what the rich young ruler couldn’t do, without being asked Luke19:8. Zacchaeus chose to give half of his goods to feed the poor and to restore four fold of anything he must have forcefully taken from anyone, (being a government worker). Upon hearing that, Jesus declared Him born again vs9-10. knowing that no man could do what Zacchaeus did without truly having an encounter with Grace and a change of heart towards God.


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