The Beauty of Beholding Jesus (Contd.)

All those who beheld Jesus through scriptures, received the best of everything; even to testimonies in their homes while they beheld Him, withstanding the battles of life for His sake and serving God better in all raminification. A few examples of people who beheld Jesus and returned with testimonies are: The centurion Matt8:5-13, the leper Matt.8:2-3, the woman with the issue of blood Mark5:25-34 and the woman of Canaan Matt:15:22-28. The centurion sought after Jesus and while He was in the presence of Jesus with His faith on Him, the miracle he sought after took place simultaneously in the same hour he was with Jesus.

The leper in Matt.8:2-3 came, worshipping Jesus and focusing his attention on him for his will concerning his health and healing and indeed he received a graceful answer from Jesus and received his healing at the same time, while he was beholding Jesus. The woman with the issue of blood, did the same thing. You would notice in the book of Mark that others were attending Jesus crusades excitedly for various reasons; some to see miracles wrought by him, some to criticise his words spoken, some as a spy for the Pharisees and sadducees, some to serve him, but only a few came to behold him and it was the ones that came to behold him that were able to draw virtue out of him. Notice Luke’s rendering of this same story in Luke8:45-46 that Peter and others sarcastically said “the multitude throng you and press you and you say, who touched me”. Bless their hearts, they were ignorant! They didn’t understand that Jesus was not referring to a physical touch but a spiritual touch of faith that gazed at him with expectation to receive of whatsoever he carried. This question goes to us all also “how are we coming to Jesus? Are we one of the spectators, critics or mindless servants of God, who lack fellowship with him and are therefore bankrupt of His grace and anointing. Always serving but never grasping who He is, thus never becoming like Him nor enjoying of the virtue He carries.

The woman with the issue of blood, broke all social barriers, Jewish doctrines and law to dare to behold Jesus and indeed she never returned the same. If she in her day was able to break through the barriers of her time, we have no excuse to refuse gazing at Him in our generation, because in him is the power for our life’s. The same goes for the woman of Canaan who was not even slated for a testimony the day she received it, but at her insistence to behold the Lord, her life was transformed and her daughter who laid at home under the oppression of demonic manipulations was set free that very hour she beheld the master and received a peaceful answer from Him. All these people did not have to get home before their testimonies were manifested, rather just as they were in the presence of the Lord, their testimonies were manifested. There is something about being in His presence, in Spirit and in truth, issues are dissolved of their own accord and you are empowered to serve Him better, because His presence changes everything.. Mary who poured expensive oil on Jesus feet and wiped it with her hair was the same Mary who always sat at Jesus feet to truly fellowship with him and she was Lazarus sister who Jesus raised from the dead, so why wouldn’t she have served him better?Joseph of Arimathaea who carried Jesus body from the cross, was a secret disciple Mark15:43-46 & John19:38, who steadfastly followed the Lord secretly, so when an opportunity to serve came, he jumped in to it because He had received many good things of Jesus (I believe), that He just couldn’t keep still anymore. When you truly spend quality time beholding Jesus, your heartbeat would soon be one with Him.

To Behold Jesus is To:
1. Spend Quality Time in Worship and Praise of Him, with Him as the center of your focus- Beholding Jesus is not a one time event, rather it is a life time journey. Our lifestyle of worship to God, simplifies our life’s, making us more reverent of Him than rebellious to His will, because in the place of worship you encounter His glory and are transformed to be like Him and to thirst more after Him.

2. Spend Time in His word- not just in reading but in listening to what the word has to say to us daily. Jesus is always speaking to us, but the question is “how many people are listening?” When Jesus said “I stand at the door and knock…”, He was not speaking of a one time encounter at salvation, but He was telling us His vocation through out our life time. He stands at the door of our hearts daily, willing and ever ready to speak with us and commune with us, but another question arises, which is “are we tuned in to Him to allow him minister His words to us and to reveal Himself to us in an higher dimension daily?” You can never know all of God, no matter how old you are (or would get) in the faith Rom11:33, but you can know His perfect will in every issue of your life Isaiah48:17 as you seek and listen to Him, because the Lord is infinite by nature and profound in wisdom, therefore in spending time with Him via His word (just like you would with a new friend, you have so much interest in) you would behold His glory(the glory of the only begotten of the father, full of Grace and truth John1:14) right in the face of Jesus 2Cor4:6 and would be changed from one level of glory to the next 2Cor.3:18 & James1:25.

3. Continously Abide in His Presence All Through the day-Practicing the presence of God, helps to keep our focus on Jesus, throughout the day. It is good to always praise, worship and spend time with God in His word, but it is great to come out of the throne room experience, continuously basking in His presence all through the day, fulfilling Col.3:1-3. When you behold Jesus, you set your mind on things above and not on things on the earth . People under religion and the law are always afraid to do this, because they fear being so heavenly conscious that they are no earthly good, but for us under Grace, we fear nothing, because our conversation is in heaven Philip.3:20, meaning we live and dwell in heaven; for in Him we live, in Him we move and in Him we have our being Acts 17:28. Thus we are much more empowered than an average (or super) human to rock our world for Christ and bring change to the earth as a whole, because of Christ Jesus in us who is the hope of glory Col.1:27.

4. To Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness- Seeking first the kingdom of God daily and in all your affairs is an integral part of beholding Jesus, because your focus is off yourself and focused on the Lord Himself Matt.6:33. Jesus was asking us to seek His ways and system of doing things and being right; looking upon Him daily for wisdom and direction in all our affairs, irrespective of any challenge we face. We need to understand that God has a system of running things different from the worlds and this two systems are parallel lines that can never meet! So if beholding Jesus means making Him the centre of our focus, then we must truly focus on Him, His ways of doing things and being right as He reveals them to us in His word and via the Holy Spirit (in us) John16:13 who would instruct us personally from time to time. What we would find therefore, is that as we do them, we would find the lines falling to us in pleasant places in all the affairs of our life’s Psalm16:6. When we make His interests our interest on a daily basis, our life’s would begin to have better meanings than what it used to be. Seek God’s will, seek His way, follow after Him and His path; seek to see all things through His eyes, focusing on Him and His guidance for your life, then He would direct your path and only good would come out of it.


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