The Beauty of Beholding Jesus

Blessed Easter season to everyone all around the world, and may the realities of Jesus victories for you be seen in your life’s in an increased dimension in Jesus Name, Amen.

Beholding Jesus is the secret of Easter; focusing on any other thing is a waste, because He is the reason for this season; to celebrate Easter joyfully, both daily and yearly at times like this. The death of Jesus on the cross was for us and his trip to hell was because of us; as He took our sins on Himself and paid the ultimate sacrifice of death and hell for it Colossians2:14-15. Easter should therefore not be a once in a year celebration for us, rather it should be a daily celebration. For we live, because He is alive today, we are rich because He first became poor for us, and we have life and health because He laid His life down for us to have it and paid all the sacrifices for us at the cross. So, we must always remember that as we behold Him, He changes our circumstances even before we get to do anything about them Isaiah65:24.

God, in his mighty love for us all revealed Jesus to us and how He would accomplish our liberty on the cross in the figure of Numbers 21:7-9. He said through Moses to the people that whosoever would look upon the serpent shall live and indeed all those who looked up to behold the serpent did live and were saved from the attack of death. Now you would say, how can you compare Jesus to a cursed serpent according to Gen.3:14, well I didn’t but God did, according to Galatians 3:13-14. We understand the mystery which God wrought, both in the wilderness and in the New testament, that He made Jesus a curse for us meaning He put on Him the curse we all carried and were to ever carry on our life’s thus making Him a cursed being just like the serpent in the wilderness. So that He could go to hell for us and defeat the devil for our sakes a d give us victory over sin, the curse and death Heb.2:14-15 & Col.2:15. Therefore whosoever would look on Him with a believing heart would not perish but have everlasting life John3:16. Since we know the old testament was a shadow of the perfect will of God to be revealed in full in the New testament Heb.10:1, we understand that God was creating an allegory of Jesus, His mission on the earth and how we were to receive of the gift He would freely bring to us.

Beholding Jesus is our first call as Christians not working for Jesus because in the kingdom of God, you cannot worship nor serve effectively what you dont know, these were the words Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman John4:22-24. Jesus went on to tell this woman that worshipping or by extention, serving God would be in the spirit and in truth, because God seeks such who would serve Him from the inside-out and not from the outside-in because the latter always fails no matter what, using the Israelites as a case study. Also, some Jews came to ask Jesus what they must do to work the works of God and Jesus answered them from another dimension saying, “This is the work of God, that you believe on Him whom He has sent” John6:28-29. You may wonder why the reply seemed different from the question, but the good news is that ever since Jesus ministry began, the truth of God’s word was set to be off the normal pattern of thinking any man had ever known. God determined to reveal to man the highest form of His wisdom in Jesus Christ, thus confounding the wise with the ‘so-called’ foolish things of this world 1Cor.1:18-30. The words “believe on” means to place confidence in, to be persuaded of, to have faith upon and by extension, it therefore means to look upon with faith, which is what Peter meant when He said to the lame man at the beautiful gate “look on us” Acts3:1-4. So Jesus was saying to the Jews(who were works of the flesh driven), you seek works but God seeks fellowship; you focus on the fellowship first, then your works would be acceptable for it would not be of the flesh but of the Spirit(Spirit driven, hearty work). So we understand that service becomes effectual and perfect when our fellowship with the Lord is intact and rich.

Jesus confirmed this truth again in John12:26 when He said, if any man serve me, let him follow me and were I am, there shall also my servant be (in fellowship with me, in my throne room)….The Jews found it hard to grasp this truths, so Jesus referred them (Matt.9:13) to the book of Hoses 6:6 where God Himself said “I desire Mercy and not sacrifice; the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings. Here God was expressing His disgust to empty service. We need to understand that God is huge on ‘the heart’ than He is on works. Your fellowship with Him via His son Jesus Christ, means more to Him than you running around a thousand mountains in His name because it is in fellowshiping with Jesus you know the right way to serve and are empowered to serve Him acceptably. Therefore Jesus said, “if anyone serve me, let Him follow me”and we know that followership begins from fellowship because you cannot follow after what and who you don’t know. As you fellowship with Him, you would begin to behold (see, look at) Him and be transformed into His image and person, to be as He is on the earth, then He would reveal what you should do and you would not fail at it because He is in you and you are constantly in Him and with Him, beholding Him always.


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