A Moment with Grace is worth More than a Life Time under the Law

The offering of Christ’s body on the earth is the offering of Grace to man Heb.9:14, 28, 10:12 and one of the wonders this Grace brings forth to man is the total transformation from an helpless sinner and doomed creature to an addicted lover of God.

Zacheus was a sinful man; an absolutely corrupt government worker luke19:1-10 who stopped at nothing to walk unjustly, so that even the people knew him to be a notorious sinner. Yet Grace located him unexpectedly and gave him an offer to host the giver of this Grace (Jesus). Knowing him for who he was, others murmured but Zacheus was pulled under the power of this Grace that he went beyond the expected, to do what was a requirement to those under the law, who failed woefully still.

It is note worthy that:
1. Zacheus was a sinner in all aspects and according to the Law, He deserved to be judged and condemned by a spiritual leader like Jesus Christ. Rather He was acknowledged by the Lord and drawn close by the mercies of God not for an encouragement to keep sinning but to reveal to Man the acceptance of Grace, which says you are welcome to come as you are.

2. God is never in favour with your accusers, rather He seeks to cause His light to shine to you and through you; revealing His love in you and through you, so that all men(including your accusers) can see your good works and glorify your father Matt.5:16. Just like the accused adulteress John8:4-10, Jesus ignored the accusers of Zacheus, because Grace is not concerned about your sin,(for Jesus has destroyed it all in Himself) rather, Grace is determined to bring you into the original image He created you to be. Grace is determined to justify you by Faith in Christ Jesus no matter what and create a new man in you by the power of His Grace. Grace writes off your sin as though it never happened and gives you a new identity in Christ Jesus when you receive Him.

3. Receiving the abundance of God’s Grace, supernaturally propels you to want to do more for God without coercion. It is high time the world and the church comes to terms that Grace does not make you sin more but sin no more. Grace has the power to eliminate sin in our life’s, if we would subscribe to Him. Zacheus didn’t seek to sin more when He encountered Grace through Jesus rather He was seeking to do right by Jesus. He suddenly had a new obsession to please Him, to do right and walk right in righteousness and this desire came from his heart not just his mind. The desire for sin and sinning was gone from Him and completely replaced with an unquenchable desire to do His will, just as Heb.8:7-12 & 10:16-17. When you truly meet with Jesus Christ and encounter His Grace, all your desires changes because suddenly you just want to please the one who wrote off your debts without price.

Grace is not a respecter of persons; the gospel of Grace, is a whosoever gospel that calls to all of humanity to receive Jesus, just so He can bless us. Grace is not seeking who to put more burden on, rather Grace is seeking whom to bless, who to help, who to transform and set free from a life of decadence and sin, justly welcoming Him in, because He stands at the door and knocks, waiting for us to open the door unto Him. Grace calls you to come as you are but it never leaves you as you are, rather it transforms you from the inside-out, to become a completely new creature, free from ‘All’ forms of addictions, habits, obsession and oppression. Under Grace, ‘the want to’(the will to) and nature of sin is totally put to death in us, so that we can awake to righteousness as Zacheus awoke to righteousness and could sin no more. This is the verdict therefore; a man still sinning and buried in sin is yet to encounter Grace.

To be continued….


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I am one who is passionate about the plight of mankind in their quest for happiness and success in their immediate environment and seek to minister and publish practical, workable solutions for effectual living, using biblical principles via the gospel of Grace in Christ Jesus unto mankind. This is our goal at glow4life and I desire that you would be blessed tremendously by it.
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