Abiding with Jesus

The Lord for centuries has being speaking words of Grace to His people, the question is how many are listening John1:35-41

                                 …the next day after John stood with two of his disciples;

                          looking upon Jesus as he walked, he said, Behold the Lamb of God!
                               And the two disciples heard him speak, and followed Jesus.

                  Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, said unto them, What seek thee?
                       They said unto him, Rabbi, (which means Master,) where do you dwell?

                          He said unto them, Come and see. They came, saw where he dwelt,
                                and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour.

                       One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew,
                                                                      Simon Peter’s brother.

                                    He first findeth his own brother Simon, and said unto him,
                                        We have found the Messiah, which means, the Christ.

A phrase has fast become a cliche in the church today, which is “I want to know you Lord; reveal yourself to me”. As much as this is a statement of surrender, it is also a statement of ignorance because it has long being answered in the above scripture that whosoever seeks after Jesus, He never casts away John6:37.Therefore, if we truly seek the heart of the father in Christ Jesus, He is saying to us this day, “Come and See”. Come away with me, and I would show you how to live your life free of burdens and pains and I would give you a real rest Matt11:28-30. He has long being saying to us all”Come up hither” come up hither to the place of peace and rest and to this place of Grace that surpasses all man’s understanding.

For we know that whatsoever Jesus does or says is always full of Grace and truthJohn1:14&17. Therefore we understand that in abiding with Him comes our placement in life. Notice carefully John1:35-41 how these mere men heard the words spoken of Jesus and from then on sought to follow after Him. As they did, Jesus asked them what they sought and their answer was His dwelling place; not money to feed their children or money to support their father or power to be politically accepted and famous in their society, rather they sought the dwelling place of the Lord meaning His place of rest, that they may know Him ( which Paul later on went on to say that I may know him and the power of His ressurrection Phil.3:10). It was a simple request but a powerful one that would change the course of their destinies forever and unknown to them, give to them all the things they never thought to ask the Lord at all! Jesus response was as well simple just as He is still saying today, to myriads of Christian “Come and See”. I love the way KJV. Bible translation renders this, it says “they came and saw where he dwelt and abode with him that day”. Do you think they came and saw his bed where he lay, examined the sheets He used for keeping warm in bed or did they come as tourists to research,examine and scrutinize the little hut where he retired to at night? NO, this was talking about revelation, they came and saw His dwelling place which was in heaven with God, established in love, Grace and fresh revelations from on high John14:10. They saw who He truly was, they caught a revelation of who he truly was as they spent time with Him and from that revelation they caught a revelation of themselves in Him. They saw their life’s and destinies in Him, so they abode their. That is why after abiding with Him the whole day, one of the two who followed Him had to immediately look for his brother to tell him he had found the Christ. How did he know so? Was it because John the Baptist had said so? No, but because he had confirmed it himself and by revelation as Jesus spoke to them he saw it.

It is note worthy that the same thing happened with the Samaritan woman and all the Samaritans that lived in the city where she was John4:9-41 as she spoke with Jesus and communed with Him. Revelation came to her about the reality of His identity and she immediately found herself going forth to broadcast the news about him and of those that obliged her, many believed on him not just for what he said but because of His own words vs.41.

The Blessedness of Abiding With Jesus
1. Abiding with Jesus is to forever dwell with Him-At first they sought his dwelling place, but when they found it, they couldn’t leave; not because they were mandated to, but because his dwelling place is sweet to dwell in. His dwelling place is full of rest, peace, grace, joy unspeakable, full of glory. His dwelling place is heaven. Living, thinking and doing all of heavens ways and system of government. His dwelling place is in Him, that is why Colossians3:3 says our life is hid with Christ in God for it is in Him we life and move and have our being Acts17:28. Abiding with Jesus is not about quick visits to the throne , rather it is about abiding in His presence always and just like Mary, not seeking to be all and around in every place on behalf of the master but sitting still in His presence long enough to be changed into his image thereby becoming empowered to carry his identity and wrought signs and wonders gracefully on His behalf, not of our own doing but of His move and power being sufficiently at work in our lives Phil.2:13. Paul understooddd this, that was why he said, we cannot leave the ministry of the word to serve table… but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the word Acts6:1-4. Abiding with Jesus is for every believer today, thus the Lord is ever ready to reveal to us His dwelling place if we would come up hither.

2. Abiding with Jesus, reveals His identity to you- Andrew never knew who Jesus was, just like the Samaritan woman was oblivious of His identity, but in abiding with him, they found for themselves who He truly was. The reason why the body of Christ today has many dysfunctional Christians is because many have not found for themselves who Jesus really is. They know at the click of the finger who their pastor says He is and who their friends, families, neighbours and acquaintances say He is, but they are yet to find for themselves who He is to them. To a poor man he can be a giver of wealth, to the sick he can be the healer, to an unsaved soul he can be a saviour but the question is who have you found him to be in your life? That is why God says “I am the, I am that I am” meaning i am so many things everytime and I can reveal each side of Me to you whenever and wherever you need me to. In abiding with Jesus comes the revealation of who He is in us, who we are in Him and the encounter of who He can be to us just like the Samaritan woman in John4:9-39

3. Abiding with Jesus, empowers you to serve Him better-When you are living directly from the throne room on a daily basis, your life can never be the same. Your service to God can never remain the same, because out of Jesus to us comes the anointing to live right and to live the extraordinary life that makes you want to go all out for him in service and honour of Him and His word. Grace is not dependent I’m your service to Jesus but when you abide in Jesus and encounter His Grace, you can’t help but just find yourself seeking ways to serve Jesus and actually going all out to serve Him according to His will per time for you. If you spend time with a mentor you revere a lot, who always inspires you and motivates you in life, soon you’ll realize developing in you would be a strong desire to do things your mentors way. You would want to please him all the time and do things that would impress him, just to see that proud smile on his face about you; not because you are seeking your mentors approval but because you are seeking to appreciate your mentor the best way you can by living your life in practicality of what he has taught you. We know that whosoever we spend the most time with is the one whose behavioural traits would be found in us the most and the more time you spend with a person you love the more you seek to do things that please them. It is a spiritual mystery that is unstood best when practiced. Many are burnt-out on religion and service to God just as Martha was Luke10:40-42 because they’ve never abode with him and their vessels have run dry. That was why Jesus told the Samaritan woman that the water He had to give her was that which could make her not to thirst again meaning a constant filling up would always take place in His presence, then when she asked Him about worship He even went further to declare that those who would worship and by extension serve Him must do so in Spirit and in truth and not by the letters and the old pattern; which Paul later talked about in Rom.7:6 For how can you believe a person you do not know? and how can you know a person you have not listened to? and how can you listen to him if you have not responded to his call to approach unto him and dwell with him?

4. Abiding with Jesus, means leaving all and following after Him-Andrew’s left all and followed after Jesus, Simon Peter left all and followed after Jesus, (if you study through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) you will see that all the disciples left one thing or the other and followed after Jesus. Paul who came later on after Christ had resurrected and ascended also had to leave all and follow after Jesus. The question is what are these ‘All’ we are living behind to follow after Jesus John12:26 by abiding with Him? The answer is in Mark10:28-31 & Matt.10:38-39. Many have misunderstood this scripture because of what He said but we must understand that Jesus spoke in similitudes saying we must let go of our worldly search for earthly pleasures and satisfaction in our own energy and self rather we should seek Him and in doing so all other things that others are dying to get would be added unto us that was why He said in Matt.6:33 that we should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things which the world seek after would be added unto us. He also went further to say in Matt.10:38-39 that He who finds His life shall lose it and he who looses it shall find it, meaning with Jesus seeking your desires through His way is the only sure way to see them truly achieved. Our primary focus should not be to seek things and all the eartly pleasures of this earth, rather we are to seek Him, seek His plan, seek His will, seek His way, follow them, and you can ‘Never’ be lost, neither would you be without them because He would grant you all in perfection by Himself James1:17.

5. Abiding with Jesus, transforms your life-All the disciples were ordinary, everyday, men and women, they had nothing exceptional about ther life’s nor about their destinies until they met with Jesus and decided to abide with Him. Andrew had nothing exceptional about him and just like Peter He was a fisherman, but at the place of abiding with Jesus, his life began to make sense, take shape and have a new meaning. First it dawned on him that he had found the Christ, secondly it dawned on him that he cannot keep this to himself. Before he met Jesu, he was living for Himself but after he met Jesus, his life was beginning to have purpose and take shape. Have you ever felt that way before where just one right decision you make, seems to be all you needed to fitly arrange the jig-puzzle of your life and suddenly, everything about your life now made sense and all uncertainties became crystal balls of lightening perfections; taking you exactly to your perfect destination. There is something about dwelling with Jesus, you just can’t keep Him to yourself, you want to climb the highest mountain and stand at its peak, screaming “I have Him now, come see what I’ve found of Him” this was exactly what Andrew was experiencing and sure enough he became one of the famous 12 of scriptures and even Simon Peter who he called also became the stone upon which Jesus built His church on the earth till this day Matt16:18. Abiding with Jesus never leaves you the same way you came, rather it transforms you completely till you cannot remember and identify who you used to be 2Cor.3:18 just like a bunch of 12 illiterates who became pace setting knight’s of the new testament, fighting their way by the weaponry of the Spirit to see the establishment and settlement of the church of God on the earth, which stood successfully strong, till this day.

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