Flowing in Grace

Peering through my window on a rainy day, I began to observe a normal wonder. You see it every day it rains and I’ve observed it each time a down-pour occurs but today, it opened a new vista of understanding and revelation to me.

As it rained and the waters from above poured joyfully to the earth, streaks of water began to form rapidly into cliques of small patches. This rain was determined to form a flood, so the patches eminently began moving, going towards a specific direction. The waters leisurely glided with purpose, linking up with one another as they flowed along. Slowly, steadily but surely, the very first patched, linked with the second patch and suddenly their momentum increased as they journeyed speedily towards their destination, with reinforced strength to push against the earth.

Soon, this moving streak arrived at a pond and within seconds fully saturated the once stagnant pond, moving it forcefully towards its decided destination. Ahead was a sectional lake formed by reason of a levelled ground. It flowed to the very destination all other waters were headed and it helped redirect all other confused waters. This temporal lake was free, well saturated and was a graceful carrier for all other waters, thus immediately the moving streak joined forces with other patches and streaks they were all able to galvanise sufficient force to push through uneven earth, thereby infusing themselves into the temporal lake. Immediately this was achieved in no time; with barriers becoming walk-overs due to the power of partnership, the waters became one and in milliseconds, they arrived at they long anticipated destination; the drainage.

You would have expected that the waters should have being satisfied but they understood perfectly that the more the merrier, so their new agenda was seeking to completely take over the higher grounds that made water flow an up-hill task. The rain was excited to see this progress, thus pouring herself out some more. Left out grounds became saturated speedily and in a jiffy, all streaks and patches had become one. They moved torrentially in a splurge and a river was the resultant effect. The more the rain poured, an ocean it became, because they were all ‘ONE’. Their mission fully accomplished, their environment fully saturated. They left nothing untouched but completly took over the terrain with one language of coordination with partnership.

The Revelation
No man is created an island; even in the realm of the Spirit, God intends for us to link up with rightful people He brings our way; to grow our faith, enhance our Grace, inherit and claims and bring us to our place of rest. There are the unique seasonal experiences He takes us through wherein just like Abraham He calls us alone, blesses us and increases us Isaiah52:2 and just like Jacob we are left alone to wrestle in the fight of faith Gen.32:24. These are peculiar unusual seasons that comes with specific instructions from the Lord to us, just like He did with Paul, after his conversion Acts9:6-9. But these seasons are not made to last long because concerning us as children of God, God has ordained that we reunite with 3 dimensions of people not forsaking the gathering together of the saints Heb10:25:

1. People or Friends of Like Faith- these are usually few amongst the clique of friends we have, just as the patches that forms during rain falls. Many times they are sent to us to stir up our faith, encourage our resolve and aid us towards the receiving of our inheritance. A true man and woman of Grace through faith are usually unusual people like Abraham was thus we usually don’t fit into our immediate environment because our thinking is high up there with God and His word so these persons of like faith are usually few like Jonathan to David, Banarbas to Paul and many others we know of. They encourage us in our Grace walk and thrust us forward in our life’s pursuit. It may take a while but they surely move us from the point of stagnation. That is why who you choose to make friends with or keep friendship with matters a lot in life because who they are, what they stand for, the words they speak and whatsoever is upon them would rub off on you Proverbs27:17. If your destinations are the same the help thrust you further but if it is not, they have the power to derail you.

2. Higher Spiritual Authorities of like Faith- These are anointed men of God sent our way to expedite our progress in life. They are the ponds as they carry a higher dimension of anointing than we do and as we partner with them, we benefit from what they carry, causing our speed to be multiplied. Grace thrives under an anointing that preaches and is pro-Grace. We see this displayed from Melchizedek to Abraham, Ananias to Paul Acts9:10-20, Paul to Timothy and so many others we know of. There are certain barriers and limitations we come against in life that just won’t move or maintain a snails speed except we come in contact with a higher anointing on a minister either through their books, messages, or personal contact like Timothy had with Paul 1Timothy4:14. Partnership with this higher anointings is key just as Abraham received a higher declaration of the blessings of God over His life when He brought the tithe to Melchizedek. This does not mean you give a pastor or minister your tithe, rather it should be brought to the church where you are receiving spiritual growth and development. This scripture in Gen14:18 was giving a shadow of partnership with a higher anointing revealing the blessedness that comes with it because the less (anointed) is blessed of the better (higher anionting) Hebrews7:1-7. The law stifles Grace and limits it progress and manifestations Gal5:2-4,2:22, 4:29 & Heb.7:19 but a minister of Grace causes Grace to be enhanced increased and multiplied. Notice the emphasis on like Faith because in the body of Christ today, knowing what a minister believes in is crucial Ephesians4:5-6. Are they believing along the lines of your Grace? Are they in tune with the authority of a believer and the Grace of Christ? Do they believe in the finished works of Jesus? Because these and many more a questions must be settled before you partner with or surrender to a higher spiritual authority, Hebrew13:7-9 lest you become misled Rom16:17-18Titus1:9-14, 2Peter2:1-3 & 1John4:1-3.

3. A Church of like Faith- when God’s people come together especially men and women of Grace there is an unstoppable force that is released because of the blood of Jesus that is active in our midst and Jesus Christ Himself that is present amongst us because ‘We'(that is the church; you and I, when we come together with Jesus as the object of our focus) overcome the devil (and all his cohorts) by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimonies and His blood is a toment to the devil forever. The Church is the lake in the illustration above that drives you to your inheritance. There is a corporate anointing that breaks forth as we come together Matt18:20 thus Paul admonished all Grace adherents not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is Hebrews10:16-25 esp.25 who eventually suffer a ship wreck of faith which he revealed in 1Timothy1:19. The world lies in wickedness and in opposition’s, thus in our walk of Grace, we are called alone but to flow together, lending strength, encouragement and support to one another. In the illustration above in the flow of waters, every single drop of water reached its destination without fail because they flowed together. The beauty about the church is that it never stays as a lake, rather it keeps growing into a river and an ocean till its water levels becomes boundless and as the church advances we advance alongside with her if we would abide there and continue to flow with them.


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