What Law are we to Keep under Grace Pt2

A Law is a rule and standard of operation that always works each time and anywhere it is engaged or put to work, no matter who is engaging it. A Law is not limited by environment nor circumstances, rather it operates as a force; to exert its power of autonomy in whatever area you are engaging it in.
This Law is not like that of the old testament where your approval is dependent in it, rather it is unique in itself under the New Testament, been rooted in Grace. The frame work of this Law is based on the finished work of Jesus Christ. Thus you are not trying to work for approval nor toiling to be accepted by God, neither are you labouring to become perfect Heb7:17, rather under this new law, you are receiving His acceptance of you by Faith and by it, yielding to the image of whom you have already become in Him, Rom.8:29 & 2Cor.3:18(the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus) being empowered to be who He has called you to be and to live a life worthy of His praise as a testimony unto others that you have truly encountered His Grace and mercy both for cancellation of your sins and empowerment to live right. Thus this laws to be examined today are

d). Faith
e). Righteousness

Faith- Just as faith works by love,  Grace works by faith Rom.4:16 says “therefore it is of Faith, that it might be by Grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed; not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the Faith of Abraham…”. Also we see Rom. 5:1-2 speak on Grace dependence on Faith. Grace is a free gift to us from God through Jesus John1:14 & Rom5:1 and it is received by us through Faith. Faith is simply believing what God has said and receiving it in hope; whether or not the physical prove is evident or not Heb.11:1 & Mark 9:23. With Jesus, the works of Grace is hinged on faith John 6:29. Faith is a law that draws in the manifestations of our Grace inheritance in Christ Jesus anytime and every time it is engaged Rom.3:25-28 esp. 27-28 for by the law of Faith we access Grace. Believing in Jesus and All that He brought for us is not optional in our Grace walk because we must first believe in other to receive Mark11:24. Grace freely makes available to us the finished works of Jesus but it is Faith that lays hold on it to take it; because by faith do we have access into this Grace wherein we stand Rom.5:2.
To be continued…


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