What Law are we to Keep Under Grace -Pt.3

  Righteousness- We are made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  Thus our righteousness is sustained by our continuous faith in Jesus Christ for yieldedness towards Him. Rom9:31 says, “but Israel which followed after the Law of righteousness, hath not attained to the law of righteousness” This law of righteousness is not by the rules of the law nor of self works Gal.2:21,  rather it is by yielding yourself to Jesus and becoming obedient by flowing with the righteousness of God that is in you Rom.6:16. You don’t tithe to become righteous but righteous people tithe. You don’t fast and pray to become righteous, but righteous people fast and pray. You don’t engage in good works to become righteous but righteous people are ‘always’ found with good works, because the father in them, He does the good works (in them,  by them and through them). The balance to this is that, seeking the righteousness by works of the law would cause you to stumble at the stumbling stone who is Jesus Christ Rom9:32, because by strength shall no man prevail. But as you yield yourself to Jesus Christ you are required to yield your members also to Him and to His righteousness so that you only do what you see Him do, say what you hear him say and think what you receive him thinking on. Rom.6:16,18,19&22. The Law of Righteousness by faith in Christ Jesus, states that as you had yielded yourself (Spirit, body, mind, will & emotion) to sin, iniquity and uncleanness, in the same manner should you yield yourself(Spirit, body, mind, will, emotion) to righteousness unto holiness.

Therefore, saying you are a Christian under Grace is great, but limiting it’s power in your life to words alone is not enough, because Grace brings forth fruits of herself; and her fruit is righteousness unto holiness because sin shall not dominate us. Jesus endowed you with His righteousness by faith in Him so that you can live righteous and crucify sin. We have being given a credit of righteousness from which we draw from continuously and endlessly to live righteous vs20. Thus,  as the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus we don’t desire to sin because sin is dead in us Rom.6:3-7.

Therefore, a righteous man always flees from adultery like Joseph Rom.6:13-18 a righteous woman cannot prostitute herself, even if she once did just like Rahab Joshua 2 &25, neither can a righteous person steal, kill, nor engage in any evil outside righteousness because a tree bears fruit of itself.  A mango tree never struggles to bear mangoes neither does it bear apples, rather with ease it bears mango fruits because, the seed that makes it bear mango is in it, its roots are in the ground and the sun shines on it. In the same vein, are we natural righteousness bearers by being the righteousness of God, keeping our roots in Grace and focusing on Jesus Christ who is the sun of righteousness. The law of righteousness is about bringing forth fruits according to your roots (of righteousness) in Christ Jesus. This is so because the seed of righteousness in you(which you received by Grace through Faith Phil3:9), is justified and proven by the fruits of righteousness you bear(by yielding to the righteousness of Grace)1Cor6:9-12, Gal 5:18-21, Heb. 13:4-5, James4:4-7, Titus2:11-15 & Eph5: 1-end esp. Vs.9. So,  the law of righteousness is ‘not’ in does and don’t, rather it is in yielding your members to righteousness(who is Christ Jesus) Rom.3:22, 5:17, 21, 10:4, 1Cor.1:30 that’s the higher dimension of Grace.


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