What Laws are we to Keep under Grace?

As Christians, we are not a lawless  set of people, rather, we have new laws given us by which to live this life of Grace. These laws are not to be kept in the spirit and pattern of the old, but by yielding to Jesus and His way of doing things  and being right. The more we focus on Him the more we are empowered to be like him.   Therefore the laws we are to keep under Grace is that of:
a) Love
b) Sincerity
c) Truth

Love- John13:34 Every New Testament saint has a key commandment to love. This pattern of love is not like that of the old testament which mandated us to love, in and of ourselves. Rather this commandment mandates us to first receive of the father’s love and from that abundance pour out to others. That is why Jesus Said as I have loved  you, love others 1Jhn4:17. The prayer of Paul in Eph.3:18-19 is a revelation to us that Jesus does not expect us to love out of the blue but out of an overwhelmed abundance which he has and is still  bestowing on us, even as we remain open enough to receive it. Love is the fulfilment of the law, yet we access this love and operate in it by His Grace Rom13:8-10. The Glossary of love, we see in 1Cor.13 and Gal. 5:22-25 helps us to see that by Love, there is no occasion for sin because under grace sin is dead in us Rom.6:14 and grace teaches us to be godly, thus love is truly the fulfilment of the law. Titus 2:11-12.

Sincerity- Paul paraphrased accurately the life of Grace we now live in  1Cor.5:8- “Therefore let us keep the feast(of Grace), not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened Bread of sincerity and truth”. To make the most of Grace, sincerity is not optional because by grace we live a life of Truth unto God. Grace is the purest and highest of all heavenly mysteries because it hinges on the precious blood of Jesus Heb10:19-20. Thus with godly sincerity towards God and man, we are able to maximize the blessedness of Grace.

Many think a life of grace is a life of waywardness and irresponsibility, they are mistaken, because Grace is a call to a higher walk with God to a higher dimension of truth, trust and Love. It is huge on the state of the heart and faith, thus for Grace to work it must be from the heart of love unfeigned, faith unfeigned and godliness unfeigned. 2Cor.6:6, 1Titus1:5, 1Pet1:22.

To  willfully sin and deceive others would stop the power of Grace in your life, not because God is condemning you, but because you have refused to judge yourself in other to seek His help in that weakness and receive His power to overcome that sin 1Cor.11:31-32. To do wickedly and claim you are under grace is a lie because grace, mercy and goodness go hand in hand. Grace doesn’t seek to corrupt the word of God rather it pants after the truth of the Gospel in Christ Jesus, seeking to apply it in every area of life with a sincere heart 2Cor.2:17 & Titus2:7-8 When you sin and sincerely repent of that wrong the power of Grace is made available to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness, but when you refuse to sincerely repent and you take pride in that sin, you have cut yourself from the flow of grace because you have refused His help.

What makes Grace unique is that the testimony of our conscience is pure in simplicity and godly sincerity towards God and man 2Cor.1:12, 2Cor.8:8, 1Titus1:5 &Eph.6:24

Truth- Grace hinges on the truth of Gods word. Just as faith blossoms by the word. Grace is also established by the word of God. Believing the truth of the gospel and living by it, is crucial to living a life of Grace. Eph.1:13 Grace does not condone mixtures with the old law nor old wife’s fables, endless genealogies, scientific postulations and earthly believes 1Tim.6:20, rather Grace rests in the truth of the gospel, abiding by it and walking in the truth 2Jhn1:1-4, 3Jhn1:3-4. Walking in the truth of the gospel of Christ, gives credence to Grace and testifies of who we are in Christ Jesus unto great manifestations of His blessings in our life’s .


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