Jesus Didn’t Come to Bring More Law But More Grace

Ephesians 3:18-19
Jesus desires that we should first know and comprehend His love for us but Christians are so engrossed in comprehending and working their own love for him, thus we are lifeless in our love towards Him because we are not empowered by His love into the fullness of God.

There is a gigantic love that the Lord has for you, but many Christians seek only to love him rather than seeking to have a revelation of his love for them. Do not be mistaken, loving God and showing forth your love toward Him is as important as knowing his love for you. But having  a revelation of his love for you is what empowers you to love Him strongly.

Jesus didn’t come to bring more law of “Love me more” or of works, rather what he came to do was to fulfil the law Mat.5:17, take it out of the way Rom.10:4 and  bring to us grace by  which we could fulfil the new law of love.
The law came by Moses and Grace and truth by Jesus, thus we need to understand the depth of Jesus ministry that if we are justified by works and the law of forms and tenet outside that of the Spirit then Christ profits us nothing Gal.5:1-4.
Seeking Jesus should be with the heart and serving Him should be with faith in the heart and with a restful spirit in His love for us, not out of condemnation and agitation over the wrath of the law. For by Jesus Christ, we are made near to God, not by the works that we did or could ever do but by His mercies and Grace. So if He caused us to come in by Grace and to  begin our walk with Him by Grace, how is it that we expect to be perfected by the law? Heb.7:19.


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