Grace in 2017 and How it would Work for You

Grace is the manifested Blessing of God to man without the works of the law and flesh Gal.3:9-18. To directly understand this, we can take note of the conception and birth of Jesus (who is Grace Himself John1:14&17), who was conceived in Mary without any sexual relationship between Joseph(the father to be) and her Luke1:27-34 that could have impregnated her. This was done by God Himself via His spoken Word to her by the angel Luke1:35-37; thus signifying that Grace was to be born to man without any works of the flesh. This was the gift that was brought to man Rom.5:14-15 and it is still speaking even today, to All who would to listen.

God has chosen to have mercy on us all Rom.9:22-26, thus by His favour, He has found us out and blessed us without works but many have issues with receiving it, which only takes 1) believing 2) obeying faith to receive it. Just as Mary obeyed the Angel, after she was blessed (even in her womb) with Baby Jesus and Joseph, also obeying the angel not to put her away and to move the family at certain point; we are to do same by Faith, believing and following every directives of Grace by Faith and in obedience to Grace. Thus, believing and receiving Grace by faith, births conception and the obedience of faith sustains you (in patience and hope) and the seed and God births the delivery (for it is the Lord that giveth increase, not man nor any of His efforts.
Grace is a weapon as we see in 1Sam.17:39-50 which you can engage in warfare and prevail by
A. Faith in the Grace
B. Choosing the Grace way and leadings
C. Declaring the words, testimonies of the Lord with unwavering confidence in Him to deliver His Grace to you without fail.
D. Take the step of Faith by going forward as led by the Lord.

In this year 2017, I strongly believe that unusual things shall be happening in the body of Christ as a whole and it would take men and women of Faith to believe for this unusual dimensions of blessings and to see it come to pass, swiftly with speed in their life’s and around them. Going through 2017 without a boost on your Faith and a strong anchor on Grace would be a risk, because only Grace has the power to deliver the unimaginable to you without toil, just as goliaths head was delivered to David by just a smooth stone.


About glow4life

I am one who is passionate about the plight of mankind in their quest for happiness and success in their immediate environment and seek to minister and publish practical, workable solutions for effectual living, using biblical principles via the gospel of Grace in Christ Jesus unto mankind. This is our goal at glow4life and I desire that you would be blessed tremendously by it.
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