What is Your Capacity to Receive in the Year 2017

Capacity is key in receiving and maximixing whatever opportunity is placed before us. without capacity receiving is numb. when a bucket of water is filled to the brim, that bucket becomes immune to receiving more water as it lets out water from it rather than take in water. In the same vein, are we spiritually if we remain as a bucket rather than developing into a drum or tank as a receiver of the Grace of Christ. Your Capacity to Receive Hinges on the following which are key to maximising the blessedness of the year 2017:

1. Your Faith- Every church has a prophetic word for the year 2017 but for you to see it manifest in your life you must of necessity believe it and believe that it is sure to come through for you. For it was said of Mary blessed is she that believeth for there shall be a performance of the thing which was spoken to her of the Lord Luke1:45 and Jesus declared unto Thomas saying blessed is He who sees not but believed John20:29 thus Rom.4:16 says it is by faith so that it might be by grace that the promise may be sure to all the seed of Abraham(whose we are). So we see scriptures confirmed 3ce even to the fulfilment of the word “the just shall live by faith” Gal. 3:11

2. Your Preparation- Positioning is key in life and in All spiritual matters. How prepared you are determines how much you will get to receive or maximise an opportunity or Grace when He comes your way. All through scriptures, when people heard that Jesus was coming to town, they always prepared themselves or their sick folks to meet with Him and scripture records that they were all healed that came Matthew8:16,12:15 & Luke 6:19. In a particular occasion, the woman with the issue of blood prepared to meet Jesus and forthwith she experience Grace of Him and her expectation was not cut short. Preparation is of two dimensions:

     A. The Preparation of the heart- preparing your heart before the Lord is crucial to receiving of His grace. Jesus always asked one specific question to all that came to him which was “what seek ye” or “what would thou that I do unto thee” in these two questions it was obvious that Jesus never assumed with man rather he sought to know everyone’s heart desire and to give unto everyman as he desires.  What if there was no desire in man then he would not have received. Therefore in the year 2017 prepare to meet with grace and to receive of His goodness.

     B. The Positioning of the mind and Self- Now that you have identified what you seek, build your faith for it, develop faith in Grace capacity to deliver it to you. Allow your mind picture it and position yourself to receive it by the obedience of faith and not by works. Self works would only disqualify you from your inheritance in Christ Jesus but the obedience of faith would always position you to receive from the Lord always.

     What is the obedience of Faith? It is act of doing what you see the father do and saying what you hear the father say John5:19 &30. Obedience of faith never comes up with a strategy to get God to do what you desire, rather it positions itself to receive spirit led  instructions of the Lord, knowing that his testimonies are sure. Just as the case of the blind man who after Jesus had made clay of the sand He instructed Him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam and when He had this done, he  returned seeing John 9. As believers under grace we are not led by the Law but by Grace Himself who directs us for our benefit. He is God, He is the one who sees all things and has positioned all things. He has orchestrated everything about our lifes thatvall we have to do is to allign with His will and see sporadiac happenings of blessings and grace all around us. But when we walk In disobedience to His directions we miss out of His master plan and manifestations of grace in our lives. For when Grace leads the way, goodness and mercies follows us all the way, but when disobedience is at the fore front, frustration and anxiety follows because the follower of it knows not how to go to the city Ecclesiastes10:15. Every leading of the Lord via His Holy Spirit in us is for our profiting  Isaiah 48:17

Obedience of faith doesn’t try to get God to answer his prayers by some works (because that in itself is unbelief) rather obedience of faith says I have prayed and do know that God has answered me, Matt. 11:24 therefore I partner with God, positioning myself to do whatsoever He tells me, because i know in  it is the receiving  of my testimony.


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