How do You Intend to Receive Grace?

The Grace of Christ has appeared to “All”men but only a few are wiling to receive it and are actually receiving it. Receiving is in different categories I.e

1. Those who are Willing to Receive- This is a picture of the man in Mark9:24 who declared before Jesus, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief” this man believed in the sense realm that grace was come unto him to deliver his demon possessed child, But he was yet to be fully persuaded in His heart of the reality. We as believers need to leave the sense realm of believing for the grace of Christ because it is a done deal and until we are resolute about it, seeing it go to work for us by faith in our heart we wont be able to see its full manifestation in our lives.

2. Those who actually Receive-These are the good soil Jesus was actually talking about in Matthew13:23 & Mark:8&20, who believe and receive the word of grace that is able to build them up and them an inheritance amongst the saints thus causing them to have returns of thirty, sixty or hundred fold according to their faith, understanding and capacity.

3. Those who enlarge  their capacity to receive more- In the parable of the sower, spoken by Jesus, we see Jesus categorize each level of receiving as 30 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold. Jesus is always present to perfect all i the all but whatsoever we receive of Him is always according to our capacity. The story of the widow in 2kings4:1-6 is a propesy of the Grace of Christ Jesus to us. for we were in great debt before Christ Jesus abd our lifes eere required to paid for it until Jesus came and redeemed us from this debt offering us s gift of debt cancellation and requesting that whatsoever we desire to receive we should prepare for ourselves vessels to receive them. In the story of this widow we see that for as many vessels she had was filled with oil. So is the anointing and grace of Christ it fills us to the brim of our capacity but if we can enlarge our capacity to receive so will He also fill it. Grace can fill your jug and if you will get a basin He would fill that also and if you will get a Drum He would fill that also. So grace always manifest unto you according to your faith (believing and capacity to receive). Matthew9:29 & 25:15

4. Those who receive beyond what everyone thought was available to be received This are those who have opted for the extravagant life by faith in truth and holiness because of the grace of Christ. This refers to those operating in great faith, they believe for the unusual and prepare their faith to receive the unusual and eventually they see the unusal. These tap into realms beyond mens comprehension. We see this plainly in the ministry of Jeus when in two distinct occasion He testified to the great faith of two particular individuals who transended the thought pattern and faith of that time to receive the unusual from Him. But one thing was common between this two persons, they dared to draw on the grace of Christ without His physical presence at the scene of event. This was unusual as everyone i that day alsways required His physical presence to reverse situations for them but this two individuals beleived beyond the physical i to the supernatural and indeed got their desires fail. The first person was a centurion desiring healing for one of his sevants who was ill and he believed beyond the normal norm of that time that Jesus words without his physical presence would heal his servant Matthew8:5-10. Great faith breaks the norm of believe in a particular age and transcends i to the ultimate heart of God for a speedy miracle withkut fail. It draws on indepth revealation and understanding of God and His nature thus it rests in Gods capacity and not in mans. This we see in the statement of the centurion vs9 and also i that of the canaanite woman in Matt. 15:27 & 22-28.

Great faith is not limited to your person rather it answers based on the absoluteness of your faith on God and in His person as a merciful and all powerful God. Once this is resolved in your heart the rest is history as we see that the centurion and the cananite woman were not the Lords disciples as at the time of their request but because Grace was present and their faith was present to receive, theu enjoyed and successfully received the benefite of grace.


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