God is not Evil

Every good and perfect gift cometh down from the father of light with whom there is no variableness nor shadow of turning James1:13. The identity of the Lord is good,the thoughts of the Lord and the works of the Lord are good. Psalm100:5 reveals that the Lord is good and His mercies is everlasting,so we understand that God is essentially ‘Good’. It is not that He has good works, rather it is about His identity as Good. That is, God is ‘All’ the good there ever is and ever would be. All evil is from the devil and all good is from God. Scriptures reveals the depths of this in the words of the Lord Himself in Jeremiah29:11 “for i know the thoughts that i think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not evil to give you an expected end” also 1Chronicles 16:34, Psalm34:8, 118:29 & 136:1 retierates the person of God as good. Also John10:10 reveals that the thief(refering to the devil) comes only to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus(who came from the father) came that we should have (the good) life and have it more abundantly. In this two instances we see the identity of each being. All good which exists or ever would exist comes from God while all bad and evil which is and ever would exist comes from the devil. If you will open up your heart to understand this truth,your heart would be at rest concerning many of the happenes around the world today as you wouldn’t be in doubt about the source of this happenings and Gods position about them. To help our thinking, we can see it this way; break the letters of formation for each name down and you would see it: D(the)-evil=devil, G(ood) G(od)=God. So evil=devil and Good=God; it is as simple as that.

In Genesis 1 scripture records that the earth was without form or void because darkness(evil) was upon the face of the deep. But God curtailed its working and restricted its movement by causing the Spirit of the Lord to hover upon the waters of the earth. Thus keeping it from the devil and preparing it for the Lord Himself. Then God said “let there be light” and there was light and He saw that it was good and then He proceeded to create every other thing by the word of His mouth and He saw that they were all good Gen1:1-end. Thus the first evidence to the goodness of God is the entire creation of the universe. For we understand that you can never give what you dont have, therefore for there to have being a good creation there must be a good God who created it. Thus, it takes a good God to create a good universe and a bad god to try to destroy it. it is as simple as that. Evolution theory may try to say and claim whatsoever it likes, but persons who have truly come close to any of Gods creation in it’s rawest form and in the purity of it’sbeauty and splendour always find it hard not to utter that “indeed there is a God who has truly created the universe!”.

When you truly gain insight into the galaxies and structure of the earth and come to terms with the exactness of its measurements and distances then you will know God measured it accurately with His hand and crafted it in His glory Isaiah 40:10&12. When you stare at the breath-taking spectrum and you gaze speechlessly at the firmament, then truly you will know that there is a good God. When you find yourself in the midst of wild flowers in there raw beauty and splendor, then you would testify that there is a God who created the heavens and adorned the earth in His beauty; who crafted each flower with the words of His mouth and gave each there unique fragrance,colour and beauty to be wondered at and as a sign to His holy name. This good God did not make hurricanes to destroy cities, rather He created the peaceful wind that blows to air our world.God does not kill little children to have more angels in heaven, rather He seeks to heal children, so that they can fulfil the destiny He gave them upon the earth in grand-style and He deploys angels to protect them. God does not make you sick to teach you a lesson, rather He desires to heal you, so that the blood of His son does not go to waste over you and to show forth His loving-kindness towards you.

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