God is not Evil Prt 2

God is not evil Prt 2

All evils comes from the devil for he always seeks to pervert whatever good the Lord has already done upon the earth. Recently, a sister of mine delivered ‘bouncing baby twins’ (thus the reason for my brief absence, for which i apologise). In taking care of the twins with her, we realized that baby Queen sleeps well while baby Princess doesn’t sleep at all! There’s is just nothing you can ever do to pacify her, she just wants to cry and scream at the top of her voice. We had tried managing her for some weeks now, when recently i was on duty with her and she was about repeating the usual, then i got hold of her, nestled her close to myself, stared her right in the eye and rebuked the demon spirit troubling her. Simulteanously i anointed her forehead with oil, declaring by faith that she falls into a peaceful sleep which would soothe her for at least 3-4 hours. As soon as this was done, she began to yawn and her eyelids soon began to slide shut in sleep and soon enough she slept peacefully and soundly. We need to understand that the devil seeks to pervert any good thing he can get his hands on and science would help you justify why things should go wrong, if you will allow it 1Timothy6:20-21. But the good God knows this and has given you an authority in Christ to rebuke the devil wherever you see his operation and enforce God’s good power for a reversal.

That which, God fixed within seconds in baby Princess, the devil tried to make a justifiable cross to carry from God. That is his strategy, to wrought evil wherever he is allowed by people and then falsely append Gods logo on it, to appear as though it was the Lord that did it. Just like He did in the garden of Eden. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was not in itself an evil tree, as everything the Lord created was good, but it was to be eaten at a particular time that God appointed. The case of this tree was just like that of a knife. Knifes are always in every home, but when your child is little, you say to them, (especially when you see them playing around it) “Honey, dont touch that dear, cos it would hurt you and would make you cry”. why did you say this to that child? is it because the knife was evil or was it because the child wasnt matured enough to handle it yet? well the later would be the right answer, because knifes are useful tools in the home for effective cuttings, but to a child who is not skilful in the use of it, it can be deadly. Thus Adam was warned of God, but he wouldn’t pass on the full detail of the instruction to his wife, (therefore the devil thrives on ignorance) so the devil lied to her, (making it seem as usual like God was the bad guy) till He got her to eat of the trees fruit, then she and her husband got to know who the real bad guy was Gen.3.That was why after their eviction from the garden, they kept serving God because they knew that the evil one was not God but the devil Gen.4.

Children are the heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is His reward Psalm127:3 and we know that every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of light with whom there is no darkness nor shadow of turning. So i understand that perpetual restlessness in a baby is not from God because a perfect gift comes perfect in all respect(no rumpled wrapper, no broken edges and no ugly sights whatsoever) Thus once we understand this, we would be able to identify the devils work and rebuke him wherever we find him, as this is one of our ministry as believers Mark16:17-18 to rebuke the devil wherever we see him in operation so that the goodness of the Lord can be made manifest on the earth just as the Lord Jesus Christ taught us to pray that the fathers wil be done on the earth as it is in heaven. So i admonish you by the Lord Jesus Christ today, to settle it in your heart, that God is 100% ‘Good’, because this would make all the difference in this world, your perspective to life and the solidity of your faith when challenging situations comes your way.

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