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God is not Evil Prt 2

We need to understand that the devil seeks to pervert any good thing he can get his hands on and science would help you justify why things should go wrong, if you will allow it 1Timothy6:20-21. But the good God knows this and has given you an authority in Christ to rebuke the devil wherever you see his operation and enforce God’s good power for a reversal. Settle it in your heart, that God is 100% ‘Good’, because this would make all the difference in this world, your perspective to life and the solidity of your faith when challenging situations comes your way. Continue reading

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God is not Evil

When you find yourself in the midst of wild flowers in there raw beauty and splendor, then you would testify that there is a God who created the heavens and adorned the earth in His beauty; who crafted each flower with the words of His mouth and gave each there unique fragrance,colour and beauty to be wondered at and as a sign to His holy name. This good God did not make hurricanes to destroy cities, rather He created the peaceful wind that blows to air our world.God does not kill little children to have more angels in heaven, rather He seeks to heal children, so that they can fulfil the destiny He gave them upon the earth in grand-style and He deploys angels to protect them. God does not make you sick to teach you a lesson, rather He desires to heal you, so that the blood of His son does not go to waste over you and to show forth His loving-kindness towards you. Continue reading

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Have You met Jesus or have You met with Religion

Religion is the belief in and the worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god. It is also a particular system of faith and worship according to the English dictionary. In the light of this, we see the … Continue reading

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The Jurisdiction of the Trio

Each of the power trio have their place and assigned duties and neither of them break ranks, for they understand the importance of each other in the God head and are thus dedicated to their identity and responsibility in the … Continue reading

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Have you Met the Power Trio of this Kingdom

The kingdom of God is not just a place, rather the kingdom of God is a system of living and governance and this system, runs on power mode 1Cor.4:20 the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power. … Continue reading

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