The Vision of a Man is Many Sided

Visions are in dimensions and phases. There are various levels, angles and stages of a vision, but we must learn to take steps one at a time, before God, trusting His leading and taking required steps as He directs. The vision of a man is in multiples, but it takes God to merge it for Him Hosea12:10 “I have also spoken by the prophets and I have multiplied visions and used similitudes, by the ministry of the prophets”. When a vision from the Lord comes to you it is mostly like a Jig puzzle; we must never put the cart before the horse, else, we would get stranded and our destination in destiny truncated. An act of foolery is to try to piece our God given visions together by ourselves, then we would discover that we would have ruffled it well enough to brick it. This singular act would bring us to a halt, till the Lord intervenes to help us set every part of our vision in its rightful place again. Then, we would be wise to surrender, not just to His will but to His leadings; one step at a time. When we begin to do this,we would begin to experience progress in life and living.

Many have become stagnant in life, not because they have no vision but because they tried to piece every part of the vision together themselves and they got hooked in a thicket along the line. God didn’t design for you to pursue your vision alone rather he purposed that you pursue it along with Him. His help makes all the difference to make sense of your calling and to effectively fulfil it.God speaking in Jeremiah 33:3 says “Call unto me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.” The Lord is more than willing to reveal our vision to us, phase after phase, but the issue is that we are mostly not willing nor positioned to ask about it or to recieve it. Soon enough, we get stranded on the way, and then seek God to untangle what we have nicely tangled. That God reavealed to you, the building of a huge edifice on a large span of land, does not mean you should immediately stand up from His presence to start searching for a land to buy, calling all architects and masons together, in order to get them to begin making plans for the building; No, it does not work that way, rather, you are to spend more time in Gods presence after the revelation was given you by God to clarify:
1. When this vision is to be fulfilled Habakkuk2:3.
2. Where it is to be fulfilled Matt. 1:12-15, 19-23 & Luke2:8-11 &15-16.
3. How it is to be fulfilled Luke1:34-35.
4. Why He wants it fulfilled Matt. 1:19-22.
5. the immediate steps you are to take from now on towards the fulfillment of this vision Acts9:3-6 & 10-20
Once the above is fully established, then you would have fully set the right foundation for your working with God and the success of this vision. For when we yield to God we would find ourselves yielding to and accessesing more of His grace in the fulfilment of our task. A refusal to yield to Grace in the accomplishment of your God given vision is the license for frustration in that vision. For paul said(in terms of fulfiling the call of God on His life) I am what I am, by the Grace of God 1Cor.15:10. He went on to say, “I laboured more abundantly than ye all, yet not I but by the Grace of God that was with me”. Thus we see that it was in yielding to Grace and following every leading of God through the HolySpirit (who is the Spirit of Grace) that Paul became who we now know Him to be. Therefore allowing God to lead you every step of the way by His Grace is not optional in fulfilling the many sided parts of your God given vision. For when God leads you, the following happens:
1. He goes before you to make all the crooked parts straight and to show you the way Isaiah.42:16, 45:1-2, Exodus13:21 & Neh. 9:12 &19
2. When He leads you, He goes with you, for your protection and engracement Judges1:22 & Deut. 20:4
3. When He leads you, He works on your behalf to help you accomplish the task He sent you to do, in which you obeyed Exodus14:14, Deut. 1:30 & John14:10
4. When He leads you, He works with you as He influences your thoughts to allign with His will per time Proverbs.16:1& Phil.2:13.
5. When He leads you He works in you, transforming you, inside-out unto the accomplishment of the task He sent you Hebrew13:20-21 & Phil2:12&13.

Please note that all the above mentioned is the sole access of the yielded vessel, the one who goes to Him and says, “your way Lord, only your way would Itake, for I would do nothing except you command me to”. Then you would see Him take over in an unimaginable way, working in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure. Grace is the perfecter Heb.7:19, for there is nothing you can ever do in this life that would or can perfect you, absolutely nothing. But it has being Gods master design and plan that no flesh should glory in His presence 1Cor.1:27-31, thus He ordained that if anyone would submit to Him through His son Jesus Christ and yield to His grace they should be perfected and Grace would create in them a new man they never knew existed and work in them unto fulfilling great signs and wonders on the earth such as they have never imagined before. It is of this fashion God designed the fulfillment of every mans vision to be like and that if we followsuite we would fulfil destiny in grand style. God has the detail to the many parts of your vision, let Him help you with it, yield to Him, so that Grace can take over and bring you to that very place of your destiny in ‘Grand-Style’ and in ‘no time’.

To be Continued….


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