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The Vision of a Man is Many Sided

….allowing God to lead you every step of the way by His Grace is not optional in fulfilling the many sided parts of your God given vision…. Continue reading

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Grace- the Unlimited Carrier

Grace carries you from were you are to were you ought to be and vision can never be fulfilled without grace. For Grace is the linking and catapulting force from your present situation to your place of destiny….. Continue reading

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Beauty of His Splendour

In the beauty of his splendour,Our identities are foundin the power of his gloryOur immunity abound Not once have we lost our placein Him, which He reserved for us by Gracecaptured in his gazewe realize we are looking into His … Continue reading

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Returning Jesus to the Church Prt2

The father gets due glory and great glory when the son is exalted because the father and the son are one, so to dishonour Christ Jesus and think you are honouring God is a wicked disception of the devil John5:22-23, … Continue reading

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Returning Jesus back to the Church

Disturbing trends have wept across the church. People have become more confortable, preaching about God, rather than preaching Jesus. New believers are introduced to God rather than to the saviour, Jesu Christ. We need to return to the beginning to … Continue reading

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Pathways to Accessing your Purpose in life

Being still helps your Spirit focus on heaven; rest, sharpens your sensitivity towards God. Stillness is not a luxury but a necessity when it comes to receiving from God and if knowing His will, (especially where your life is concerned) is your goal. Continue reading

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Refuse to be Confused

Discovering or pursuing purpose is not as difficult as you think. It is a gift from God through Jesus to you, thus it is accessed by rest in the grace of Christ. God is more eager to reveal His purpose … Continue reading

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