What is Your Purpose in Life? Prt.2

What is Your Purpose in Life? Prt.2
Many articles and books have being written about purpose but a message worthy of note is that outside of purpose, you are a defeated person in all spheres of life and living, no matter how hard you try. It was Myles Munroe who said “when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitible”. Dr. David Oyedepo said “purpose is the force behind the fulfilment of destiny; when life lacks purpose, it looses colour”. Kenneth Copeland said, “in your purpose, is where your grace and perfection lies”. Notice the declaration of Paul in Romans8:30, which says “Moreover, whom He(God) did predestinate, them He also called and whom He called, them He(God) also justified: and whom He justified, them He also glorified”. Many have preached on Rom. 8:29-30 in speaking of Gods grace towards us, but it is also a revelation to Gods predestined purpose for our lifes and all we have to do is search it out; for where our purpose is, there our glory is.

The earnest expectation of the creature is waiting for the manifestaion of the sons of God Rom8:19. The creation is not waiting for those in their own self path but those in their God ordained path, because just as Joel2:7 said “they shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march everyone on His ways, they shall not break their ranks”. This is the power of this grace generation, this is what the earth is waiting to see manifest, your purpose, my purpose, our purpose, being made manifest, the question is “are you willing to go?’ are you ready to accept this call, are you ready to do what He sent you to this earth for?”. You see, we need to understand that for everyone of us on the earth, we were sent to be a solution to one or more issues in this world, we were sent to deliver a message, we were sent to bring a cure, we were sent to enhance the earth and replenish it, through one purpose or the other, that was Gods purpose for man, to be an extention of Him on the earth, procuring solutions, enhancing life and creating things, Gen. 1:26-28 & Gen.2: 15. So we see that we are called to a life of divine purpose.

The reason for which i write this to you, is to help you realise that one of the ways of yielding to grace and dwelling in grace, is to find your purpose, pursue it and stay there. We need to understand that our perfected strength lies in our purpose, our victories lies in our purpose, our directions in life, lies in our lifes purpose, our perfection lies in our purpose, our glory lies in our purpose, and our unlimited grace lies in our lifes purpose. So why not seek it out today before the Lord and if you have found yours already, why not pursue it passionately, the way the Lord would have you go, because not only does He have a purpose for you, He has a plan on how you should go about it and the exact way for you to pursue it, for there is a way that seems right unto a person, but the end of that way, is death Proverbs 14:12 & 16:25.


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