The Process of Yielding to Rigteousness

Yielding to righteousness does not follow the pattern of the law, rather it has the nature and pattern of grace which is receiving from God in fullness and from the abundance that you have being given by God, to give and manifest the required. Thus the process of yielding to righteousness is as follows:
1. Receive Christ Jesus into your Heart; be born again- Hebrews11:6 reveals a truth that whosoever would come to Him, the God of all Grace must first believe that He is (God and giver of all Grace2Corinthians9:8) and that He is the rewarder of them who dilligently seek Him. Thus with the mouth do you believe unto righteousness and with the mouth do you confess unto salvation Rom.10:10. Receiving Jesus Christ into your heart is your express access to God John14:6, therefore when you truely meet with Him by faith in your heart for Him you receive Grace because He is full of Grace and Truth John1:14&17.
2. Be baptized in water by immersion- this puts the flesh and its desires to death and as you are raised up from the water according to the mystery of baptism in Christ Romans 6:3-7, resurrected into newness of life, ready to serve the Iiving God in Spirit and truth. Thus, you emerge out of the water a new man by faith in the mystery of ressurection. God does not expect us to serve Him by our own limited power but by His divine enablement. He desires that we should be empowered by His working in us and upon us to serve Him acceptably Hebrews12:28 (for further understanding, you could study the whole chapter of Romans 6).
3. Receive the baptism in the Holy Ghost- For Jesus is the baptizer,that baptizes us with the HolySpirit John15:26. This is an empowerment over the devil and all His gimmicks Acts1:8, this is also an empowerment to be true unblameable ambassadors of the kingdom of God. This baptism also grants us unlimited access to the Spirit of God John7:37-38 and the fruits of the Spirit Galatians5:22-23 & Ephesians5:9. Without the Holy spirit within you in fullness, trying to bear the fruits of the Spirit would be a struggle because without help and empowerment from within, bearing fruits unto righteousness would be difficult, especially in this age and time. That was why the law could not keep men from sinning in the old testament because they did not have the Holy Spirit within them. The best of all old testament saints only had the Holy Spirit upon them. In my own life I can count times without number when I was ready to fly off the handle and just be plain carnal either to loose my self control and just insult someone who had just annoyed me. I wanted to insult them thoroughly till my dictionary of insults were fully exhausted, but thank God for the Spirit within who pulled me to order just as Paul said, the love of the Lord constrains me 2Cor.5:14. The Holy Spirit would keep thugging at my heart till I yielded to grace and let the annoyance go. To to glory of God, I’m still on my way to that perfect place in Christ but I’m not where I used to be in imperfection. I used to be a cold and distant person by nature and character, but now by the working of the Spirit of God in me I see myself daily, filled with the love of God and manifesting his unconditional love to others, because He is also the Spirit of Love as He is the Spirit of Grace. So many things have changed within me positively that sometime I feel like I’m out of myself, I feel like a new me is at work in me. That is is the power of salvation ( when you yield your members to Him after baptism) as this is what grace does. He helps you cast the care of not just your worries but even every offence done against you. He keeps you from sin and sinning and protectes you from falling. At other times when I want to cover up a wrong I have done, it is this Spirit of Grace that would pull at my heart and would not let me rest till I admit my wrong doing and apologies for it both to God and to the person I might have hurt in the process. All in all it is the Holy Spirit that stimulates us into yieldedness and keeps us yielded without toil.
4. Delight in Fellowshiping with the Father- Spend time in the word, as the word of God is the word of grace Act20:35 that is a lamp unto your feet and a light into your path Psalm119:105. How can you submit to someone you do not know? The only way is to find out about that person and where you have direct access, discuss and commune with that person; in communication and fellowshiping together, you will get to know all that there is to know about this person. Then, you will find yourself beginning to relax and enjoying your times of fellowship with the person, because now you have valid information about this person so, submiting to this person would never be an issue anymore, because in a gradual process you are becoming one in heart and soul with this person. It is the same way with God. Knowing about God is nothing compared to knowing God for yourself. It is not enough to hear what others have to say about God, you need to get in fellowship with Him for yourself, study Him and discover Him for yourself, then whatever others have to say about Him would be subject to the truth you have of Him, by fellowship. You will find that you are more comfortable following Him when you spend more time with the Lord (in the Word, prayer, worship and Praise) because, you now know Him and have not just heard about Him. God has given us all, direct acces through JesusChrist unto Himself, so why dont we maximise it positively to draw closer to Him and His goodness Psalm65:4, 84:10-11, thereby enabling us to yield easily to Him.
5. Focus on Jesus- Jesus is our help, therefore we should be looking unto Him the author and finisher of our faith Hebrews12:1-3. The more we behold Him, the more we are transformed to be like Him on this earth 2Corinthians3:18. The glory we are beholding in this Scripture is referring to Jesus, 2Corinthians4:6. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowlegde of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. This He confirmed in Hebrews1:2-3, therefore the more we focus our eyes on Jesus and His words to us, the more we woukd be like Hin on the earth, being transformed into His image. Thus Jesus admonished us all through His earthly ministry to follow him, meaning, focus on Him. John8:12,10:27,12:26 e.t.c.
6. Study and listen to materials and persons that has the message and anointing of yieldedness- I have discovered that yieldedness has become a warfare in this generation partly because much focus than required has being placed on self and self achievement rather than on God and what he can do through us Philipians2:13. Mind you, this is the strategy of the devil to get Christians handicapped and powerless against him and his tricks, because without Christ Jesus we can do nothing John15:5. Thus we see many Christians struggling to make ends meet without having much to show for it. Despite their knowledge and expertise, we must remember what the Scriptures says, that it is the blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow to it not self effort nor men’s wisdom but the blessing of the lord which bears root in God and made effective by dwelling in God. Many persons and even ministers of the gospel preach self effort thus raising a carnal congregation knowingly and unknowingly, but we must understand that this is not the heart of the father neither is it His will. Thus the only way to subdue the tricks of satan and build your heart to quickly tell a yielded principle from a self spinner principle is by listening to and reading materials that are anointed and which bears witness with your Spirit that it preaches the balanced message of Grace and yieldedness to God through Jesus Christ.
7. Listen to the Spirit of Grace- Let the Spitit of God lead you. It is not pointless to be baptised in the HolySpirit and not yield to Him, we do not know all things as we ought to know, but the Holy Spirit know all things even to the deep things of God. Therefore it is in your listening to Him and yielding to Him that you are engraced to live above sin. Not only does He quench the desire for sin in you, He also leads you in the opposite direction against sin. For instance, if you used to be an alcoholic before New birth and baptism, after baptism as you listen to the silent nudges within you or His loud directions, you would discover that the Holy Spirit would be leading you away from liquor stores and liquor friends and we know that once the temptation can be avoided, sin has lost its power over us, just the way Jesus triumphed against the devil in the wilderness Matt. 4:1-11. The Holy Spirit kills the urge to sin in us and He also kills the temptation, Halleluyah!
8. Choose to yield your members at everytime and at every crossroad in your life’s journey to Rigtteousness- Yielding to God is not talking about yielding it is actually yeilding when the situation that requires you to do so arises. Scriptures says submit to God ( then you would be able to) resist the devil and be would flee from you James4:7. As you study the whole chapter of Romans 6, you would discover that Jesus has placed the power over sin in you, so yes, by His Grace you can yield to do the works of righteousness.


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