Yielding to Grace

As disciples of Grace we are freeborns in Christ Gal.4:24-31. Born of Grace, born of truth and born of love; but you maximize the optimum benefit of grace by the level of your yielding to grace. We have being called to walk in the newness of life Rom. 6:4 therefore we have a call amongst all others to yield our members (that is body, soul and spirit) to the follow after righteousness and walking in grace. The call to walk in Grace is a call to walk in the love and mercies of God and to also walk in the fruits of the Spirit, bearing fruits unto righteousness. We need to understand that the body of sin has being put to death when we gave our life’s to Christ, thus we can sin no more because sin has no hold over us anymore, as we have crossed from death to life. Rom.6:6-11 we are alive unto God and empowered to shun sin and the lust for it. By our power we can’t prevail over sin but in Christ Jesus we have the ultimate authority against sin by baptism. The baptism of water is not a religious act, rather it is a mystery that helps you to put off the sin nature Rom.6:3-4 & Col.11-13, thus immediately you have being baptized anew, you emmerge dead to sin but alive unto God Rom.6:10-11. Therefore you now have the power to subdue sin and the lust for it Rom.6:12.

The death of Jesus Christ freed us from sin, it’s negative effects and the curse of the law Rom.3:25-26 ; thus He made us free to choose life Rom.6:7-14. We were delivered from being slaves to sin into becoming free to serve righteousness Rom.6:18. Many have had the misconception that grace means the freedom to do whatsoever you like. Others think it is the allowance to continue in sin and expect mercy to cover for you. No. Grace is liberty from sin and condemnation with free access and empowerment into righteousness and power over sin. Rom.6:14 says sin cannot have dominion over you when you are under grace. Thus Grace empowers you over sin and gives you triumph over sin and all its effects, that when you are under grace you cannot sin.

Grace never leaves you the same, Grace picks you up from the miry clay and sets your feet upon the rock to stay. Grace welcomes you to come as you are but immediately begins working on you to be completely transformed into a new man after Christ by revealing to you the love of God and His abounding grace towards you. Grace then begins to empower you into dominion and instantly you are changed into the image of Christ. Grace places the spotlight on Christ Jesus and not on you nor your sin, so you can live triumphantly in life, over sin. It takes you in as sinful as you may be, but He prunes you by His love and His word into becoming the new creature He intended you to be from the foundation of the world.


About glow4life

I am one who is passionate about the plight of mankind in their quest for happiness and success in their immediate environment and seek to minister and publish practical, workable solutions for effectual living, using biblical principles via the gospel of Grace in Christ Jesus unto mankind. This is our goal at glow4life and I desire that you would be blessed tremendously by it.
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