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What is Your Purpose in Life? Prt.2

….for where our purpose is, there our glory and perfection is…. Continue reading

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What is Your Purpose in Life?

…before you were formed, there was deliberation in heaven about certain issues on the earth and who the best person was, to be sent to tackle that issue and when the conclusion was drawn, you were sent in agreement to the conclusion of the deliberation that you were the best person to go solve that problem on the earth… Continue reading

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The Process of Yielding to Rigteousness

Not only does the Holy Spirit quench the desire for sin in you, He also leads you in the opposite direction against sin….. Continue reading

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Yielding to Grace Prt.4

A life that is open to His leadings, directions, corrections and guidance daily hourly and in every minute and second of the day is a yielded life, which denounces all earthy cultures and laws to embrace the totality of the ” Jesus Culture” Continue reading

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Yielding to Grace Prt. 3

Don’t be comfortable with the sin neither should you condemn yourself to it, rather partner with Christ to the destruction of this sin. With Jesus, coming up with strict rules by yourself would fail you, and coming up with loose rules of self indulgence would put you in greater danger, but by simply following after Jesus and focusing on Jesus, you would be saved. Continue reading

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Yielding to Grace Pt2

Grace is the master gardener, He condemns no seed, casts away no seed, sees potential in every seed and freely gives every seed all that it takes to grow and become greater Mark4:30-32. Though He never gives up on any seed; the saddening fact is that many seeds become impatient concerning following after Grace…..We have being made free from our previous husband (law and sin) not for us to stay single, rather we have being made free from law and sin so that we can marry another, who is Christ Jesus (Grace) and righteousness Rom.7:1-4…. Continue reading

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Yielding to Grace

We were delivered from being slaves to sin into becoming free to serve righteousness… Grace never leaves you the same, Grace picks you up from the miry clay and sets your feet upon the rock to stay. Grace welcomes you to come as you are but immediately begins working on you to be completely transformed into a new man after Christ by revealing to you the love of God and His abounding grace towards you. Continue reading

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