Free from Dead works

We all have a disturbing tendency to perform before God. We tend to run in the energy of the flesh, trying to please God, get God’s attention to do something on our behalf and work for him till we fall flat on our faces, being burnt out. On one hand we should be open to God, to obey Him and do whatsoever he wants us to do, but to come up with strategies to please God and working out plans, (whether spiritual or physical) which he didn’t lead us to, would cause us to be burnt out faster than we think.
Works of the flesh are categorised under dead works, just as lifeless toiling and flesh empowered or motivated labours are. Hebrews9:14 reveals:
                                                                                How much more shall the blood of Christ,
                                                                                          who through the eternal Spirit,
                                                                                     offered Himself without spot to God,
                                                                                 purge your conscience from dead works,
                                                                                              to serving the living God?
For some odd reasons, dead works seem to be very appealing to people. People tend to get lured into thinking that except they put up an act of right performance before God they would never get their desires fulfilled by Him. Paradoxically, the Lord declared in Hosea 6:6 saying: “I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings”. Until we come to the point where we are comfortable in His presence, just to sit at His feet and learn of Him, we would not be able to get the best of God. God is saying to us as Christians and potential Christians, “Your works can’t save you, your sacrifices can’t help you” rather come unto Me, you that have laboured and are heavy laden and I would give you rest Matt.11:28. Jesus said to Martha in one of His visits “Martha, you are troubled about many things, but one thing is needful and that good part, Mary has chosen” Luke 10:41-42.

This generation is too troubled and careful about too many things. We fear not to please the Lord, we fear that our service might not be right, we seek ways to work for the Lord and to please Him so that our prayers can be answered that we forget to sit still before Him and learn of Him. We forget to sit at His feet and adore him, we forget to pour expensive oil from our alabaster boxes in worshipand honour of Him Mark14:3-7 & Luke 7:37-50, we forget to receive of His love so that we are filled with all the fullness of God Eph3:17-19 and be able to give freely unto others from the abundance that we have. The truth is that in Gods own judgement about the scheme of things, these are the most important things, these are the priceless things we do for Him that makes sense of all others. It is from the abundance of these things that we grow in Grace and are able to access greater directions for greater leadings of the Holy Spirit and the manifestaions of His Grace in our life’s. If you look at the preceeding verses of Luke 10, in verse 39 you would see Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to His words,doing nothing else and in verse 42 you would see where Jesus rated her reverence of Him, for Him this was true service to him and that which she did, He said “shall not be taken away from her”.

We need to understand that the works of the Spirit are Spirit breathe and they are fueled from our time of fellowship and reference for the Lord. The things we do for God are fueled by our time of study, prayer, and worship before the Lord. Prayer was not ordained by God to be a time of just asking for solutions to our needs, rather it was ordained to be a medium of communication between us and God that we may know Him more, encounter His power and glory Psalm63:1-3 & Phillips.3:3-10 and to see His face in the face in the face of Jesus. By this encounters in fellowship, we come out of His presence changed into the same image as He, just as Jesus prayed on the mount till he was transfigured in glory and His garment became glistening white Mark 9:2-3. He didnt go to the mount with the sole purpose to be transfigured rather He went to the mount with a sole purpose to pray and to fellowship with the father, then came the glory as He became transfigured by the genuineness of His heart.


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