Free from Dead Works Pt2.

I believe the heart of fellowship lacking in our generation, where people come to God because of what they are seeking after and what they can get,rather than to just know Him and the power of His resurrection Philips.3:10. It is for this reason that we now have clanging cymbals and sounding brass in form of Christians who profess Christ but are lacking in fruits even the fruit of the Spirit because they are empty vessels. They have only received the name of Christ but have neglected His person and His love1Cor.13. Therefore Rather than men and women of substance who truly carry the power and glory of God we have lousy instruments with no rhythm. When Jesus went about doing good, it wasn’t because He had sought God for it, rather it was from the abundance that He had that He gave to many because He always had quality fellowship with the father. Thus all His works were born of the Spirit as He said `I do nothing of myself except I hear of the father’ John5:19.

Based on this principle was he able to that raise Lazarus from the dead. He did not raise Lazarus by self effort like many would like to do in this generation (trying to put the spotlight on themselves) rather He listened for the instruction of the father and yet tarried two days more before going John11:6 and when He got there He simply said to the father, thank you father that you hear me always verse 41-43, meaning He had spent quality time in fellowship with the father and had received specific instruction from the father. Thus after He had given thanks for answer to prayer(and revelation) He said only three(3) words and Lazarus came forth verse 43. Bring that same experience into our day and time, many believers would fall prey to the pull of the works of the flesh and hurriedly follow hard after the messengers, when they get there they would ask for the body of the dead and begin to pray without inquiring of the Lord. They would bind every demon and rebuke every devil and at the top of their voices, they would begin to declare “Lazarus come back to life right now in Jesus Name! wake up now in Jesus Name! I command you that in the name above every other name, rise up, wake up, stand up, spring up! and the list goes on and on.
Just hush, be still and let grace lead you, let grace direct you and let grace tell you what to do; but it is not easy to yield to grace if you have not spent quality time with grace, getting to know the person of grace, the ways of grace, the words of grace and the thinking pattern of grace. Being able to identify the voice of grace is key to living a life free from dead works as He would guide you into all truth and lead you in the right path but if you are self preoccupied you can never realize it when He speaks to you.

According to Hosea6:6, God is tired of an act rather than a heart of service. He desires that we should be restful in fellowship with Him and from the abundance of that fellowship, we should be open to His leadings, directions, instructions and corrections which He would give us for our benefit and that of others. As we obey, we would find ourselves walking in the manifestations of His grace, walking the grace walk and not just talking the grace talk. As we follow His leadings his glory upon us would begin to make things happen and radiate unto others effortlessly; not by our own doing nor conscious effort to make things happen (born out of self aggrandizement) rather it would be by the flow of grace from the abundance of His glory which we have receied in His throne room, in the place of fellowship, worship, reference and awe of Him. These kind of manifestations are not born out of flesh not self, rather they are born out of the Spirit, thus like Jesus Christ, we would not have to speak one thousand(1,000) words to the mountain rather by speaking only the words of the father, even by speaking Jesus three words(Peace, be still, Lazarus, come forth,etc.) the mountain would have to get up and leave. This is not  manifestation by works rather it is a manifestation by partnership with God through Jesus Christ, but it first has to start by a dedication and an addiction to fellowship. We must learn to thirst after the person of Jesus rather than to thirst after toiling for him because when we know him more we would serve him more acceptably even from our Spirit and not the flesh. We must place our faith, more on what Jesus did for us on the cross than on what we can do for him. When these becomes a revelation to us, then we would truly be empowered to serve in Spirit and in truth, being free from dead works to serving the living God because we are resting in His love and in the intimate knowledge we have of Him.


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