God has Willed His Mercy on Us All Prt. 2

The Mystery of Gods Mercy
Noah saved the day, at the great destruction of the earth but failed to teach His children how he went about it, thus the blessing on Noahs sons couldnt perfectly manifest as it ought Gen18:17-19. Then God found himself Abraham from the decendants of Noah years and centuries later, and ironically Abraham did not know God yet as at the Gen12:1; then the story of grace began…..
Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness Rom. 4;3, Gal3:6. He stood in faith trusting in the Lord for everything he desired, when he tried to have a son outside of the grace covenant, he met with Gods disapproval, it was a lifetime mistake but he was forgiven and God chose to uphold his word with him and gave him Isaac. He taught his son how to live by faith and showed him the way of God by grace through faith, thus Isreal was born.

The story between Jacob and Esau was to be an analogy of the ways of God, revealing His sovereignty and power and to predetermine who to love and hate and whom not to love. It was a revelation of His ultimate choice which could never be changed by a good deed or a wrong deed. That choice was firmly knead into His being as we see this play out in the story of Jacob and Esau. Jacob who was the notorious thief and deciever was the one whom God had preordained His love upon and Esau who had being his father’s favourite and an hard working man was the one predestined to be hated of the Lord Romans9 :13.

Many are of the opinion that the Scripture which says I would have mercy on whom I will have mercy upon Rom9:15-18 means that the Lord even in the new testament still decides who to love and hate. But this thought is wrong because this declaration of the father solely reveals His sovereignty as God but also reveals a mystery about his predestination plan for all men for all times as He revealed in Rom11:32.

How God Works His Predestination Plan
From the story of Jacob and Esau we know the following:
1. God has the sole power of predestination-as He predestined the life of Jacob and Esau who ended their lives just the way God had said Gen.25:23.
2. The faith of man is required to walk in the predestination-as Jacob didn’t begin to walk in the blessing till He believed in it and also sought it out by a warfare of faith Gen.32:26-29
3. Errors don’t cancel out predestination- Just as Jacob still obtained the promise despite all his mistakes of lieing, stealing and deception Gen.27.

Based on the sovereignty of God, he had predestined the life of Esau and Jacob even before they were born Gen.25:23. This is not to say that they had no control over their lives rather it was to be a test of faith and an analogy for the generations to come, about the mercy of God. It was to reveal how God would predestine all that believe in the Jesus unto a goodly and perfect life. Thus, Jacob who was not of a goodly character had the mercies of God. This is not to say that he got away with his wickedness because though he was predestined, by walking in deception and lies as a suplanter he was disadvantaged all the way Gen.29-30 till he had to wrestle with an angel of the Lord before His life got any balance . Esau on the other hand allowed anger get a better part of him till he lost out completely Gen.27:41, 28:6-9. Ironically, in later years Esau became well established with abundance of wealth even beyond what Jacob could comprehend Gen33:1-9. At the exit of Israel from Egypt, God wanted the Israelites not to think of fighting with Esau nor to try to take his land because He had give Esau that land Deuteronomy 2:2-5. This we understand that God is never partial rather He is just, kind and full of great mercies.

This therefore is the mystery of predestination, that as God displayed his mercies in Jacob Gen32:10 He would display His mercy on us all and as it was not by function of anything done; so His mercy on us should not be by anything we have done.
To be continued…..


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