God has Willed His Mercy on us All

The Story of Man against the devil
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, the earth was without form and it was void, darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the face of the waters Gen1:1&2
From the beginning the devil has being mischievous, after he made war in heaven, trying to overthrow God on the throne, he was completely defeated by the Lords loyal angels. He was expelled from heaven, he and one third of the angels who supported him in his rebellion. Consequently as this happened, he found refuge in the earth Isaiah 14:9-20.
You would closely notice that in Gen1:1&2 that scripture says ‘darkness was upon the face of the deep’ while ‘the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters’. These are two different situations that are note worthy because one represents the occupancy and domain of the devil while another represents the presence and operation of the Spirit of God. According to Strongs dictionary of biblical meanings, we see the difference explicitly: Deep refers to depths, deep places, abyss, deep sea(I’ll add, all the deep places of the earth)
deep (of subterranean waters)
deep, sea, abysses (of sea)
primeval ocean, deep
deep, depth (of river)
abyss, the grave.
We therefore understand that the devil found refuge in the deep places of the earth, and under the seas which confirms Jude 1:6 & 2Peter 2:4, that says the Lord kept the devil and his angels in chains of darkness till the time of their final judgement, that is after the milliniel reign of the church just as we see his rebellion displayed in Rev.12:7-12; one of the reasons for which he was totally cast down to the earth.

But, Praise God, the father had a superior plan, by the move of the Spirit upon the waters, the devil was bound. He could neither move nor come up from beneath the earth nor from beneath the seas. We know that the earth was all water before the Lord separated the waters from the Land in her creation. Gen.1:3-10 & 11-31. Thus the Spirit of God moving over the face of the waters meant the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the earth at large, thereby causing Him to be as a padlock to the cage of the devil and all his fallen angels. He was the seal of bondage against them.
Then man was created Gen1:26-27 and God blessed them and gave them full authority upon the earth vs.28 but there was a clause, and exception to the rule, which was key and crucial for the safety of the new Earth which God had created Including all that was in it. Man (both male and female) was given full authority to rule the earth and he was to reign from the garden of Eden till it’s glory filled the entire Planet Gen.2:8-14, but He was to do it under God’s jurisdiction and authority because getting outside of God meant outside of the light and outside of the light meant the darkness and darkness meant coming into the terrain of the devil who has only one mission to kill steal and destroy the Seed of God. It was for this purpose that the, Lord instructed Adam not to eat of tree of the knowledge of good and of evil Gen.2:17-18 because once he ate of it, he would no longer be in the authority of the divine class of God, thus causing him to fall under the opression of the devil.

Therefore when Adam and His wife did eat of the fruit of the tree, Gen.3:6-8 they instantly fell beneath the glory class as there flesh became activated to be aware of their vulnerability and inadequacies because they were now disconnected from God by the death of their Spirit Gen.3. This in itself activated the curse on its own, as Adam had just unknowingly sold out to the devil and had handed over to him the entire earth, now giving him free cause to rule the earth. The aftermath of this was a curse but God did not just place a curse on Adam, Eve and the devil, rather he was declaring to them the end result of their actions. it was more of a cause and effect as they had fallen below the Guage line of each other.They had overstepped their bounds and so thy had to face the music.

Please understand that the tree was not there for a temptation rather it was already a part of the garden as God made everything in the garden as an extention of heaven, it was a replica of how heaven was and the tree was not yet to be eaten till Adam and His wife came to the full knowledge of God and did get everything about the kingdom, then God would give them to eat of this tree himself and set them fully in authority over the devil. Notice that God always came to fellowship with them in the cool of the day. This was not just a visitation rather it was a time of revelation were God unveieled Himself to Adam and Eve as He helped them to know more about Him. You would agree that getting to know a person better is not a days job, rather it takes a process of time, thus we understand that as at the time Adam and Eve ate of the tree, they were yet to fully grasp the person and personality and dynamic nature of God. It is for this reason that the devil approached Eve, she was oblivious of him and when Adam was lured he knew nothing about him, because they had not yet learnt from God about the rebellion that took place in heaven. Also notice that the temptation of the devil to them bothered around wanting to take God’s place and overthrow the power of God, for he said to them that ‘when you eat of the fruit of this tree, you won’t die rather this is the secret to your power and independence from God’ but what Adam did not know is that He was already like God and had the same power that God had, he only needed to understand how to use this power under God by 1. learning about the power he had and how to use it 2. learning to grow in this power unto a mighty man of war in God 3. learning to be shielded from the crookedness of the devil. it is noteworthy that the devil could not harm nor command Eve nor Adam, rather he had to lure them and cajole them into this act because they had authority over him only that they didn’t know it cos they were still ignorant and immature.

It is crucial to note that God had to send them out of the garden else this error would have become an everlasting blunder as they would have eaten of the fruit of the tree of life and lived for ever in error, meaning there wouldn’t have being any redemption plan for the entire human race. Imagine Adam and Eve were still alife till today, what would life be like. Their little error would have being just like yesterday and the hardship in life would have being enormous without a savior, but God was wiser and more knowledgeable than they all because he is the ancient of days.
Soon we see the turn out of event immediately after this incident:
1. The 1st murderer was birth- Cain, Gen.4:1-16
2. Envying and strife took over- Gen.4:3-8
3. Thoughtless murders- Gen.3:23-24
4. Enormous evil and pervasions filled the earth-Gen.6:1-7(this was a confirmation that the devil was now on the loose, manifesting evil on the earth, with fallen angels marrying mortal women)
5. Finally the earth became fully corrupted- Gen6:11-13

The list goes on, all because the devil was now in power. Then came the first man after Adam that found Grace in the sight of God Gen.6:8. He did nothing than to walk right before God Gen.6:9. He showed prospects of one who could hand over the authority of the the earth to God and this was acheived by Covenant Gen9:1-17 after God destroyed the 1st earth with ‘all’ the humans that lived in it Gen.6:13-22,7:1-24. Now, the story of man started all over again with the man Noah.
to be continued……..


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