The Relationship between the Printer and the Computer

I had some bulk printing to do, thus I found myself spending lots of hours at the printer’s. As I watched patiently how my documents translated to hard copy, understanding began to dawn on me afresh concerning certain truths in the Kingdom of God.
Our receiving in the Kingdom of God is just likee the relationship between a computer and the Printer, this is so because the interaction and processes are same when it comes to printing a document and our receiving from God:

1. You must Determine Which Document You Want printed- This is your desire, what you want to see being manifested in your life, Family, business, career etc. What do you want from the Lord? Jesus asked this question many times during his earthly ministry John 1:38,Mark10:46-`51′ & Luke18:38-41 and for all who answered Him on this enquiry went away, receiving their testimonies.

2. You must Set all your Preferences for Printing- These are your specifications on what you want exactly and how you expect it to be. Appending to it scriptural backings that supports your preferences. For instance, if you desire a car, what then are your car preferences; is it a Volkswagen Beetle, Toyota Corolla, Honda Pilot, Lexus 330, a Cadillac Escalade or a Rolls-Royce you would like to have. Be specific, if you desire healing, is it for your ear, nose, teeth, eyes, hands or legs. Be specific, to the smallest detail of what you truly want then you will find that the Lord is as interested in this detail as you. For He said, he would grant you the desires of your heart Psa.37:4 and He would ensure that your expectation shall not be cut short Prov. 23:18. It is note worthy that you cannot maximize the potential of the Printer without setting your preferences.

3. You must Preview all your Documents in their Specifications Before Printing, lest there should be an error- this is the power of imagination and transcribing to template. For God said to Abraham, as far as you can see, give I unto you Gen.13:14-15 and by extention He is saying to us also that “as far as you can imagine it, would I give your desire unto you”. Templates also helps, when you can scribble your vision or idea or imagination. You can sketch that house or get a picture of that car you desire to have or that happy home you intend to nurture. Write it down, make it plain that they may run that read it Habakkuk 2:2.

4. Eventually you Click on Print- This is the point where you pray, presenting your desires to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Just like you click on print with confidence without any doubt within you whether or not your document is going to come out in hard copy at the other side of the machine. In the same vein does the Lord require that we should come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find Grace to help us greatly in time of need Heb.4:16. When you click on the print button, it is sure to print and nothing can stop it.

When you don’t receive your printed document, from the printing machine, then it means certain things have gone wrong such as:
1. Power outage or Disconnection-This happens when for some reason, the socket might not carry power in it, thus the Printer would not be able to print the documents sent to it. In this case, your spirit is the socket that should carry power in it. Without the power of God within you, you cannot layhold on your inheritance in Christ. This is the reason why Paul said “He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above that which you could ever ask or think according to His power that works in you” Eph3:20. You can never receive beyond your capacity and His manifestations in your life is according to the light of His truth within you, because it is the word of grace that lightens you up and gives you an inheritance amongst the Saints. Jesus said if your eyes be single on Him, then your whole body would be full of light Luke11:34 but if you have no light in you, then you are sure to stumble John11:10. Thus you won’t be able to connect to the printing machine except you come into the light of God, by focusing on Jesus Psa34:5 & 2Cor.4:6.

2. Jammed Paper- The paper is our faith, when Faith is jammed it Means, it is under the attack of the devil. Attacks of fear, worry, doubt and anxiety over the possibility that your heavenly father heard you when you prayed, anxiety over the situation, pondering if God would come through for you or not and doubting that he would come through for you at the right time. This is the oppression of the devil, trying to withhold and complicate your receiving because we know that a double minded Faith would not receive anything of the Lord James1:6-8. We also know that the pathways for receiving anything, is by resting and not anxiety or fear Phil4:6-7 & Heb.4. Also, a Jammed paper occurs when you are believing wrong, for instance if a person is believing for his neighbor’s only car, that prayer can never be answered. If at some point you find your papers Jammed, the good news is that you can open the printing machine, remove the jammed paper and the printing machine would continue from where it stopped,. In this sense, you are to cast the devil down along with all his evil imaginations 2Cor.10:5, trying to forestall the receiving of your answers in practical terms.Thus as you take authority over him in the name of Jesus, according to Isaiah54:17, he is sure to let your `paper’ go and if the reason for your Jammed papers is because of wrong believing then repent and trust God for your blessings via His Mercy and grace solely 1Jhn.5:14.

3. No Paper- When there are no papers in the printing machine, printing cannot take place. This means that when our faith to receive is not in place then we can never see the reality of our desires, because whatsoever you desire, when you pray, you are to believe you receive and you will surely have it Mark11:24. What are the things that can stop your faith and by extension you Receiving:
a) Condemnation- When a person’s heart is filled with thoughts of condemnation, his or her  faith can never be active to receive anything, because Faith works by love;not just you love for God but the knowledge of His love for you Eph 3:17-19. If you are struggling with condemnation today, studying the whole chapter of Roman 8 would help you greatly, empowering you to get over it and to enter into God’s love, assurance and rest.
b) Not well positioned to receive – Positioning matters a lot when it comes to receiving from God. Being Positioned in full obedience to God’s word to you, abounding in hope and love are key to receiving your heavens gift. For these are the papers upon which the father writes the answers to our prayers.
c) Lack of trust in the Lord and His capacity to deliver what you are believing for- Trust is the advanced dimension of Faith. Trust, is perfected Faith. It has to do with you risking yourself on God because you have encountered Him in His Word and thus you have entered into the rest of the Lord, Jer.17:7-8, Heb 4. It is note worthy that if the the printing papers are bad, the printing machine would still not pick up the paper rightly; not because it does not want to, but because by specification, it cannot. We have a pattern under Grace that it must be by Faith, for it to be by Grace Rom4:16, so guard your Grace through your faith and trust in His Grace.

The Summary
Despite it all, it is glorious to note that once your paper is intact, your printed document is ever sure to come forth from the printing machine. That is, once we choose to be dogged with our faith, the manifestations of all we have believed for is sure to come to pass.
Also, the good news in this Kingdom is that, the ‘Printing Machine’ is ever good. Thus the issue with our receiving is always with the sender(we as believers) or with the reciever(our faith and trust in God, which are the `papers’). The printing machine in this Kingdom can `NEVER’ get spoilt, because the Printer is God! Psa.34:8, 106:1& 107:1&8.


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