Components of the Complete Kit

Ephesians 6:13-17
1. Truth- For it is truth of the Lord that makes free and keeps free John8:32. When we search out the truth of God’s word, lay hold on it, believe it, hold firmly to it and refuse to let it go. We would have turned truth into an element in our battle kit, able to shield us from the wiles of the devil because we would have a ready word of truth from God’s word to be able to resist him, cast him down and keep him down where our life and life’s battles are concerned. Truth shields our loin(that is our bossom, the lower part of the abdomen and by significance, our seat of Power. For Jesus said to whosoever would belive on Him, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water John7:38, thus we know that the loin is the seat of Power, strength and vigor Job40:16) and Without the truth, we would be left vulnerable to the enemy. Thus the truth of Christ,  refires our powerhouse unto victory and preservation.

2. Righteousness- Our heart is shielded by Righteousness for our spirit and body are God’s. Without right standing with God we are exposed to the curse. For the curse (empowerment to fail and license to be under the devils affliction) was because of sin Gal.3:10, Rom.3:23. But Jesus paid the price for our sin, so that we can receive the righteousness which is of Faith in Him 2Cor.5:21, Gal3:13. Thus, it is by our righteousness consciousness that our hearts (which spiritually is our sprit) is preserved, Rom10:6&10. Consciousness of your Righteousness in God after new birth, is what preserves and protects your heart. As a breastplate, righteousness consciousness makes you far from condemnation Rom8:1 thus making you to blossom as a true believer, being made a conqueror over the devil and all his gimmicks Rom. 8:28-39

3. Gospel of Peace- This is the message of the new Covenant being preached. Isa.9:7, Isa.54:10, Ezekiel 34:25, 37:26,Jer.31:31-34, Hebrews 8:8-13. The message of God’s new Covenant with man through Jesus Christ. This new Covenant hinges on keeping man in peace both with God and in man’s immediate environment. By this peace offering made by Jesus, God reconciled man to Himself in a grand style through the Blood of His son, Jesus Christ 2Cor. 5:18 through whom we also have the ministry of reconciling other unbelievers back to God. As we go about, sharing this goodness, our feet are shod that is girded and protected by the peace of God because we are living for Him and by Him. Notice that scriptures said “as they went from place to place, he suffered no man to do them wrong, declaring before them, touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” 1Chronicle16:20-22 & Psalm105:13-15. As you get ready, to always share the goodness message of the new Covenant you will find that your feet are shod(beautified Isa52:7,Rom10:15,protected and empowered) to subdue Psalm91:13. So believe the good news and be ever ready to share the good news, for you are sure to see victories all around you.

4. Faith-Faith is your sure shield against the devil. By faith you quench all the fiery and blazing darts(attacks) of the the devil 2Cor.10:5. Faith is our shield (deflector) against the devil. Faith is the overcoming force, this Grace Generation has 1John5:4 to triumph victorious over the devil. Faith has to do with our believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and in his ability to do what He said in His Word. Faith hangs on the word of God and empowers us to cast down imaginations and every attack from hell. For the just shall live by faith Habakkuk 2:4, Rom. 1:17, Gal. 3:11, Heb.10:38. The word of God is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword Heb. 4:12, but it takes your believing in it and on it for that word of God to become your shield. Our Faith in the truth of God’s word is what turns it to a shield for our protection. Please note, that for this shield to work you must walk in Love, for faith works only by love Gal.5:6 because love never fails 1Cor.13:8 and if love never fails then the shield of Faith can never fail. Joel 2:8 says this Grace Generation warriors would not thrust each other, meaning they wouldn’t be envious of one another, they would not backbite each other, they would not seek to kill their neighbor nor partner in life or in the Faith or in any other sphere of their life and living. They would not seek their own self satisfaction and benefits 1Cor.13 rather they are perfected in love, thus if we would adhere to these, then we know that our faith would work and our shield would be up in the spirit against every wile of the devil.

5. Salvation- An helmet is a head protector from the arrows of the enemy on the battlefield, lest it penetrates the skull, to the death of the soldier. It also has the capacity to protect from sword strikes of the enemy and from the destruction of the brain through fatal accidents. We know the brain is the coordinating center of the entire body. It is the home of decision, co-ordination and influence in the body. Figuratively, the mind, will and emotions relies on the head for their operation. when a person goes mad, it is said that he or she is sick in the head. Thus, the helmet of salvation protects your mind from being oppressed and taken over by the devil. Therefore the Holy Spirit speaks to us through Paul that we have the mind of Christ. 1Cor.2:16.Those in the world, have their minds blinded by the devil 2Cor.4:4, not to see the light of the gospel of Christ, so that they may remain in bondage but as for anyone and everyone who will receive Christ and have done so, Jesus has taken over because they believed on Jesus Christ for their salvation and immediately the light of the gospel has shone unto them, not just in their spirit but also in their mind Heb. 8:10, for Jesus has given to all believers in Him a sound mind 2Tim.1:7. The only thing left, is for believers to begin and continue to renew their minds Rom12:2 according to the word and the devil would not be able to afflict them anymore, because the more you renew your mind after Christ, the stronger you would get as a believer in Christ. When a person becomes born again, their power of choice is strengthened against the devil Phil. 2:13. God is the one who begins to will and to do according to his good and pleasant pleasure in us Hebrews13:20-21. Salvation is key to our triumph over the devil because not only do we change kingdoms by so doing, our identity is also completely changed and continues to advance toward the person of Jesus Christ as we keep focusing on Him.

6. The Word of God- The sword is a weapon of attack during war. Without the sword, a soldier is as good as dead on the battlefield because when the enemy advances, he has nothing with which to fight back. The sword of the Spirit is the word of God. Notice Scriptures says the sword of the Spirit and not just the sword of battle or the sword of triumph. To be a true Grace warrior, you must be able to handle the word skillfully by the help of the Holy Ghost. Jesus said when I go I would send to you the Spirit of truth who would guide you into all truth John16:7&13-15. He would not speak of Himself, rather He would take of my own words and show it unto you. Jesus also, when He was here on the earth, said to the disciples that he says nothing of Himself, because whatsoever He hears His father say that He says also John14:10 & 5:19. We therefore understand how he went about doing good good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. As a man of great exploits he knew to only say whatsoever the father said and to do whatsoever he saw the father do. In the same vein, the sword of the spirit is not by you taking a verse of scripture from the Bible and append it to your prayer point rather you should spend time in the word enquire of Him, what scripture or word he would have you speak or declare concerning any situation and as you do this, you would receive the right sword to fight the given size of giant you are faced with and you are sure of victory. David smote the bear with his hands, he smote Goliath with five stones 1Sam.17 and he smote the Philippines with the sword, 2Sam.5. Notice that the weapons of attack differed at different occasions, but according to the leading of the Holy Spirit they were all the swords of the Spirit because the word of grace is the only weapon for the securing of our inheritance Acts20:32

As we kit up constantly in prayer and supplication even for the Saints of God Eph.6:18, surely we are assured of victory as Grace agents who are called of God to succeed and reign in this life. Amen.


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