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Free from Dead Works Pt2.

We must learn to thirst after the person of Jesus rather than to thirst after toiling for him because when we know him more we would serve him more acceptably even from our Spirit and not the flesh. We must place our faith, more on what Jesus did for us on the cross than on what we can do for him….. Continue reading

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Free from Dead works

Until we come to the point where we are comfortable in His presence, just to sit at His feet and learn of Him, we would not be able to get the best of God. God is saying to us as Christians and potential Christians, “Your works can’t save you, your sacrifices can’t help you” rather come unto Me, you that have laboured and are heavy laden and I would give you rest Matt.11:28. Continue reading

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God has Willed His Mercy on Us All Prt. 2

This therefore is the mystery of predestination, that as God displayed his mercies in Jacob, so also would He display His mercy on us all. For as it was not by function of anything done; so His mercy on us should not be by anything we have done. Continue reading

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God has Willed His Mercy on us All

the man Noah did nothing but to walk right before God and he ‘found Grace’ the sight of God.. Continue reading

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The Relationship between the Printer and the Computer

When a heart is filled with thoughts of condemnation, faith can never be active to receive anything…. Continue reading

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Components of the Complete Kit

… the truth of Christ, refires our powerhouse unto victory and preservation… Continue reading

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