Exploits of this Grace Generation

This is the generation that would bring God’s power to bear in an unimaginable way on the earth Eph3:20. Joel 2:4-13 reveals the escapade of this Grace Generation:

1. Strength & vigor-Joel2:4 gives a similitude of this Grace Generation to horses. What are the Attributes of horses? One word sums it up, which is strength Psalm 147:10. No wonder, Psa 27:4 says wait on the Lord and be of good courage and he shall strengthen your heart. This reveals the terms of the grace Covenant, which hinges on waiting and trusting in the Lord and He in turn, strengthens you or becomes your strength out of Zion Isaiah 40:31. Thus we shall run the race set before us (to do positive exploits in our world) and not be weary, we would walk and not faint, because the grace of Christ is upon us.

2. Speed- Joel 2:5 chariots represents speed, might, royalty. In the sense of speed we see psalm 104:3 reveals in a figure God’s ride, which causes Him to walk upon the wings of wind, also isaiah66:15 reveals the entrance of God to a wicked people, it would be with chariots like a whirlwind. Thus when Joel said like the noise of chariots on tops of mountains shall they leap, he was talking of God’s hand being upon us to accomplish the unimaginable and unthinkable with great speed, just like our heavenly father. Might is also attributed to chariots because chariots could easily maneuver in rocky valleys and hills, they were the most reliable means of mobility for kings and war weaponry all through the old testament. No wonder the Lord questioned people’s absolute trust in it rather than on Him, 2Kings18:24, Isaiah31:1 & isaiah36:9. Royalty is also attributed to chariots as most of persons who rode on chariots at peace times were kings, princes and dukes. Men of class and position Jeremiah 17:25, 22:4 & Acts8:29 always had the luxury of a chariot to themselves. Thus this Grace Generation shall be as a chariot on mountain tops, like a flame of fire that burns the stubble swiftly, and as a strong people set in battle array. No wonder brother Paul admonishes us to put on the whole Armour of God, so that we would be able to quench all the fiery darts of the devil Eph.6:10-13

3. Change Agents- Joel2:6, This Grace generation are change agents on the earth. The people with which we live are people sad, oppressed, pained, in agony and grief. Remember Isaiah60:2 reveals that darkness shall cover the earth and intense darkness, the people. Thus we are sent to give hope, we are empowered to secure solution to our dieing world by the light of the grace of God shining through our hearts unto others and the world at large.

4. Skilled and Disciplined warriors- Joel2:7 & 9, this Grace Generation are made to be warriors by God and through God, for without Him, we are nothing. Thus this Grace generation are anointed as mighty men. We are taught of the Lord to fight skillfully. We don’t run our race as mere men, rather we run as men of war in Christ, remember Eph.6:10-13. When Joel said, they shall climb the wall as men of war, the spirit was speaking of skill and dexterity in the art of warring, against the devil and all his demons and demonic powers Ephesians6:10-18. Everyone shall march in his own way and none shall break ranks, meaning discipline is the soul of this army. They don’t just run without cause, neither are they distracted by another’s path nor engagement. Everyone minds his own business, doing only that which he has being called to do by the Lord. To not break ranks is a great blessing of the grace generation army. Everyone else knows and understands their places in the race and battlefield of life, none is jealous of the other, none is seeking to be like the other rather everyone is unique in themselves under God. At the end of the day, we all look like our God because we have maintained the position were we are blessed by the Lord in the ministry of reconciliation that He has given to us. No wonder brother Paul admonishes us not to strife with ourselves, but to rather understand and appreciate the place and the part of each one of us in the body of Christ because it is the individuality of each one of us in the Lord Jesus Christ that is able to create wholeness in God 1Cor.12:14-27.

5. Warriors of Love and in Love- Joel2:8 because they walk and engage in Love, they walk in immunity, nothing on the battlefield can hurt them. As a Grace generation, love is our source, for God is love. Therefore love is the way to go in order to fight and triumph through life successfully. Love works no ill towards his neighbour, therefore love is the fulfilling of the law and Love never fails Rom. 13:10 & 1Cor.13:8. Thus as we hing on our love, we can never be beat in this battle and we can never get hurt in this battle Mark16:17-18. When we Dwell in the fullness of love, the devil can have no hold on us, because we are fully in Christ and His power in us and thus above all things. As we walk in the fullness of God’s love both in receiving His love and in sharing this love to others, 1Cor.13, we would operate in a class of immortality in Christ Jesus were absolutely nothing can harm us John6:47-50. We become divine warriors in Christ Jesus 2Tmothy2:4.

6. Zeal-Joel2:9, this Grace Generation is to be zealous for the Lord. We get the job done at all cost, we are not limited to walls(any form of barriers), nor by houses (any form of strongholds). We take over our entire city, nation and world as we are consumed by the zeal of the Lord. This zeal is not without knowledge Rom10:2 rather it is zeal born out of revelation of Jesus, our Lord and of His mission on the earth through us John2:16-17.As the spirit of grace increases on the earth and upon the body of Christ, it would be accompanied by zealous wisdom in a dimension like never before, so that the work of the Lord can be swiftly accomplished. If you sense yourself slipping simply reach out to grace and receive afresh the Baptism of the spirit of grace and watch what happens next; it would be a thirst for the things of God in an unimaginable dimension because this is part of what Grace brings; an insatiable yearn for God and His things. We go through walls, we go through houses, we go through windows, just to get the job done.

7. Triumphant warriors- Joel2:10, By reason of the anointing upon this Grace generation, the earth would quiver under us(under our impact and exploits it). All the elements of the world would tremble and surrender to the God in us, who is for us and with us 2Cor2:14.The Lord would wrought great wonders by our hands and it would e in an unprecedented fashion Joel2:11.

Therefore I have good news for us all today! and that is, we are taking over, in all sphere of life, all through this Grace generation, righteousness is taking over, holiness is taking over, Grace is taking over, Love is taking over, Truth is taking over and most importantly God is taking over this world, through us; Amen. Why not yield to the God of Grace and He shall work through you unto unimaginable exploits in this world and hereafter. The Holy Spirit said to me recently,

“This Grace generation is an unusual generation of people who believe my love for them, believe in my Grace and mercy and abide in the fullness of the New testament the without fail. Faith is their anchor and mercy is their support. Jesus being their source all in all, nothing can stop them, not even laws of nature nor protocols.”

There is a call in the realm if the spirit to move on up to grace and to higher realms of grace. There is an out pouring of grace, in such a measure that has never being before throughout the history of the church but it is coming soon, it is coming now, the question is are you willing to receive.


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