This Grace Generation

All through Scriptures, this generation has been in prophesy, as a generation of grace. Joel 2:1-13 reveals God’s plan.
What is Grace? you may ask. Grace is the Covenanted love of God to us which He manifests to us without fail, irrespective of our estate; thus enabling us to receive `All’ of His goodness and to be as He is on the earth. Grace draws on the mercies and loving-kindness of God and anchors on the unconditional and faithful, love of God Eph2:4-5 & 7. Grace brings about favour in your life but grace is much bigger than the favour of God. Favour manifests because of the Grace of God, Grace fixes whatsoever is wrong in your life, Grace gives you a defense from the whiles of the enemy, Grace secures you and all that is yours, Grace discomfits the devil. Grace is the only force in Christ Jesus the is made to perfect you, Grace partners with faith to get the job done on your behalf. The source of Grace is Christ Jesus, the weapon and tool of Grace is the Blood of Jesus Christ. It is by Jesus and His blood that Grace came in to being for our sakes. According to a great man of God, Kenneth Copeland; “Grace is God’s overwhelming desire to treat you as though sin has never happened”. Grace through faith, is our only access to God’s best.

According to God’s plan, this generation should be that Grace Generation that would move things effortlessly on the earth. This Grace generation according to God’s plan, blossoms and rules in the midst of hardship. They don’t just thrive in hard times, they dominate in hard times and superabound in perilous times. This day is also referred to as the day of the Lord in Scriptures Isa4:2, Joel2:1, meaning it is a day for the manifestations of the Lord and His workings Eph2:7. It is the day for the manifestations of the sons of God. Joel2:2 reveals that in this day of grace, there shall be gloominess on the earth. As a matter of fact it shall be known by the world as the day of gloominess and thick darkness, remember Isaiah 60:2 reveals that darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness the people. We need to understand as Christians and potential Christians that when God has a huge place of goodness, the devil always tries to pick after him to the negative. He can’t stop what God is going to do, but he can make it an uphill task for any one who will let him. The world at large is in a mess and it would take the grace of the Lord to fix it. Nothing can be fixed outside of God and outside of His grace, but to take the turmoil in the world as your portion is to discount the Blood of Christ and tread underfoot Jesus Christ himself. A lot is happening and would yet happen in the world and in all nations of the earth today, but our sustainability as believers is Christ Jesus.

The goodness in all of this is the we would blossom while the world is groaning; that has being the Lord’s plan since the foundation of the world. Isaac sowed in a famine afflicted land and reaped a hundred fold in the same year of his sowing Gen.26:1&12-13. When you say landslide achievement, I think of this everytime. Just as it happened for Isaac, so also God revealed to Joel, that it would happen in our days, wherein, though the days are evil, we of the grace generation would flourish. None has ever being like us, referring to the old testament saints, for Hebrews11:40 says they are imperfect without us, neither would there be any like our generation in years to come, referring to the post-rapture saints. Many have stepped into this Grace but paradoxically many more are yet to get a glimpse of it. This Grace generation is that generation that would bring God’s power to bear in an unimaginable way on the earth. It is only Grace that has been ordained to do this in this generation. We must understand that every generation has there landmark;the children of Isreal was known for the law, there’s was the dispensation of the law, the generation of Asa and Nehemiah was that of reformation, the generation of Isaiah and Jeremiah was that of revival, a call to return to God. Now we are in the age Paul spoke of in Eph2:7 where God is going to show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us. The question now is are we ready to receive it? God is ever willing, God is always ready, Jesus is ever at the door knocking, waiting for our response to His grace offer on a daily basis, this is His job, He never tires out He is always offering the grace tray.

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