What it Means to be Unequally Yoked Pt 4

3. A Earthly minded believer and an Heavenly bound believer (cont’d) –
Many have mastered worry, fear and anxiety like an art, that it is almost impossible for them not to be in these mode. Though they are Christians, it is almost like their second nature. They worry about what to eat, what to wear, what job to do, how to pay their bills that it is almost impossible for them to smile. They go on worrying about exchange rates, fuel prices, hospital bills, mortgage, utility bills and the list goes on, endlessly. They fail to realize, reckon with and belief what Jesus said in Matt.6:24-34. Jesus was not just encouraging us in that scripture, rather he was showing us and teaching us a lifestyle and a new way of life and living as believers, which is through Him and by Him. Many think it was an advise and an encouragement; ‘No’ it is not! Rather, Jesus was instructing us to examine the lilies and the grass, comparing and contrasting ourselves to them, that if He could do great wonders in them and for them, how much more would he do it for us also. The earlier we realize that worry, fear and anxiety is an habit governed by a spirit; the faster we would repel it in our life’s and get rid of it. It is not to be welcomed, rather it should be resisted as sin, and rebuked or cast down as a demon spirit, because the Lord said anything done without faith is sin Rom14:23 and admonished us to cast down every imagination, thought and anything else that tries to make itself superior above the knowledge of God in our life 2Cor.10:5. You cannot worry and be in faith, neither should you fret and carry cares he has asked you to cast on Him 1Pet.5:7, nor be filled with anxiety and claim to be in faith. Jesus said in Matt. 6:33 that you cannot serve two masters, you would either love one and despise the other. Many Christians have succumbed helplessly to the elements of this world that they are oblivious of the truth in Gods word. They are so earthly conscious and weighed down, that they are completely eroded of their divine nature in Christ. If you fall into this category, I have good news for you; it’s time to come home, run into the great arms and help of your father because he is waiting for you to help you Isaiah 41:10,13,14, 44:2 & 49:8. He is waiting for you to come up hither, look up to Him; to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith Heb.12:2. You have tried to run your life but it is not working, why not look up to Him, let Him help you and make all grace abound towards you, so that you can have all sufficiency in everything and abound to every good work 2Cor.9:8. Jesus is waiting for you dear one, to help you, because He loves you.

If you are trusting Jesus already, or you are just learning to trust Him, then be careful not to be entangled with all these cares because, care, anxiety, fear and worry are contagious. It doesn’t take long to catch up on the fever, because it is with our mind and body we contact this earth realm, thus everything that affects our 5 physical senses quickly catches our attention. You cannot be heavenly minded and walk with someone who is earthly minded, it is just not possible, because your focus are different, your directions are different, your thought patterns would be different and so would your desires. The Scripture summarizes it thus: “can two walk together except they agree” Amos3:3, what are they agreeing on?
1. Their destination
2. The part to take to arrive at their destination
3. There believe system and principles
4. How to go about the journey

If these 4 things are not settled, the walking together of these two persons would be a flop because they would be going in different directions. The world and the Kingdom of God are two parallel lines that can never meet (until Jesus returns to take the Saints, reign in the air for a thousand years and then merge heaven and earth again as of before time). Thus walking with someone who is earthly minded would do the following to you:
1. Dampen you spiritual fire- Care is like cold water, it dampens the spirit. I remember a friend I once had who always had one story of sadness and woe to share each time we met, I noticed that after our discussions, I always felt dry and exhausted from within. Though I always contributed encouragingly to our conversations, I just always felt dry afterwards. Well, I put up with it long enough until the Lord said to me one day, “you cannot be friends for long, you have to let her go”. At first I didn’t understand why but as I obeyed. Afterward, I realized that I was beginning to breath afresh and a new realm of glory and grace washed over me. Don’t get me wrong, you would have to relate with people who have baggages of care every now and then, and you should be nice to them as a grace agent on the earth, but to have them as your close companion is a bad idea as they are sure to rub off on you, remember that evil communication corrupts good manners 1Cor.15:33 (to understand God’s definition of evil, see Matt. 5:37) . People with baggages don’t mean to be that way, but it is a spirit and as in water, face answers to face, they would rub off on you because every word of a person is a ministration Eph.4:29. Thus you are either ministering death or life, to your hearers and whosoever you listen to, is ministering either death or life to you also; the choice is yours. We have no power in and of ourselves, our power is of God thus, if we desire to make any impact that is worth the while on this earth, we must be ready to partner with the LORD by focusing our attention on things above Col. 3:1 and not beneath for he who is above is above all things. Then you will be empowered to triumph victoriously on the earth. To achieve that successfully, we all must avoid friendship with people carrying baggage. Our responsibilities to them, is to bear them up in prayers before the Lord Jesus Christ, interceding for their liberty and access to divine wisdom to stay free, Gal6:1-2, Eph.1:16-19 & 3:14-20 and living our life’s as Godly example for all to see.

2. Distract your Focus- Jesus said if your eye be single, then, your whole body will be full of light Matt.6:22. Focus is an unbeatable force that delivers the best out of any endeavor to you. If you are focused on heavens way of thinking and on living the word of God, hanging around someone who is focused on earthly believes, patterns and processes will only draw you back. That person who is driven by earthly circumstances and constantly buried in the 3-4 modes earlier mentioned will, always get in your focus and distract your attention from the word or your given focus. Just imagine yourself, meditating on a scripture and gradually receiving depths of truth from it by the Holy Spirit and then this earthly minded friend drops by to see you and the only thing you discuss in the next one hour is the state of the economy. Not only have you being distracted off your line of thought, the reason for which you sought deeper insight has being forfeited. The devil is sly, that is one are of his surest weapons, thus he knows how to plant distractions our way and if care is not taken, derail us from our glorious course. Have you not noticed a pattern of late? People, including Christians getting so busy and buried in activities, that they do not have time for prayer, study nor fellowship with God anymore. People get irritatingly impatient, getting deficient in grace. Everything is on the go in this generation; yes this is good, almost everything is a click away, but we must understand that spirituality cannot be googled, there is no app that can make you more spiritual. Yes you can have extensive study Bibles in softcopy and in hardcopy, but you will only begin to enjoy the benefits of it when you settle down in it to study, to pray, to meditate, to spend quality time fellowship in with God.

The Holy Spirit once said to me, if you can spend quality time with me, every challenge of yours would be solved like a click of a finger and when the challenges are easily eliminated, you would have more time in your hands to do greater things with me, for me and for yourself. Haven’t you noticed that originality is lacking in this generation than ever before, most of what we have today are modifications and remodifications of what has earlier been. People are no more unique in themselves under God as God desires them to be, yet there are depths to be unlocked, laying to waste, waiting for the ones who would draw on it. But depths cannot be drawn on without seclusion. Gold is never accessed on the surface, gold is always excavated, you dig deep to find it, both spiritually and mentally. Isaiah43:3 reveals certain unscratched depths that God desires to bring His own, whom he has chosen by grace to access, but this cannot be accessed if you are not ready and willing to set yourself apart unto Him Prov.18:1, this is not a demand of a fleshy law rather, it is of a graceful process unto greater glory.

Constant distractions will eventually blur your vision both spiritually and physically. One who is earthly minded cannot understand this neither will he allow you drink nor taste of these depths if you allow him or her hang around you long enough. Depth well up from valley and hills Deut.8:7 thus the reason why you feel empty is because you are too busy with the world. Get away, hid away with God, have reclusion with Him and you will return a giant you never knew you were, you will speak and all elements including bills and the atmosphere would have to obey you because divinity is now born anew in you. Originality and fresh ideas may be lacking in this generation, but God has a plan to raise fresh inventors, men and women of depth, content and unusual skill, whose words are like gods because they have drawn directly and do draw directly from Him. Get away with God, remember Abraham, when he followed Gods instruction to go on a mountain to sacrifice Isaac Genesis22, at certain point in the journey he told all that were with him except for Isaac his so to stay with the asses because he was going younder to Worship Gen.22:5. Throne room is calling on all true saints of God on the earth in this generation, but you cannot successfully abide in the throne room without having to tell some people to stay with the asses because throne room is a place of encounter, unusual revelation and great depth. Having a person of unbelief and lack of understanding can distract you off the very thing God is doing and about to manifest in your life. Throne room is a place in God but fellowship and continuous fellowship in the throne room is the life style that delivers the depth of the package to you.
Continuous fellowship with God is not too much for any Christian to sustain under grace because this is who you are. Who ever gets tired of loving God? who is filled with kindness and love, willing to give to you all that He has, just a click away and he does the unthinkable for you, just by you asking. It reminds me of the story of a man who had gold worth millions of dollars in his pocket, yet was found, starving to death for malnutrition. What is it about people, that would like to die of thirst by the springs of water? Why not make a choice today to set your life and destiny unto the God of all grace who by his word is able to build you up and give you such an enormous and unimaginable inheritance amongst the Saints of God. Turn to Jesus, fellowship with him, have the earthly minded, stay with the asses and let Jesus qualify you, bring you before the Father and unleash the mysteries and depths Isa.45:3 of secret places to youPsa78:15 by which you would rule your world.

3. Makes you Inffectual- Have you ever wondered, why their are so many Christians on the earth today, yet the earth is in its worst shape ever? Simply put, the issue is ignorance and lack of power. Though many persons receive Jesus as Lord on a daily basis, only a few grow in fellowship with Jesus and guard jealously their relationship with the Lord. The end result of this is a generation of weak Christians whose effect can never be felt, even in their immediate communities. God never intended for this to happen as He gave us a template by which to walk by in Acts chapter 1, through to chapters 4. This verses were not just an account of what happened in the early church, rather it was given to us as a template for our Christian walk. God desires that we should have same power and operate in greater dimension than they on the earth. Jesus came and did great things when he was on the earth but he said and did desire that we would do greater things John14:12, but many of us, are living below the graces we are given. Grace births the manifestation of God’s power in us. The challenge is that, many of us are hanging around people who think we are just humans and that all that this life is about is to scramble to get whatsoever you can from it. Earthly believers are focused on the outside world to get whatsoever they need, but heavenly believers are and should be God inside minded, thereby focusing within unto God for all supplies and for the accomplishment of our given task, rather than scrambling for what you can get on the earth. Focus on what you can add to the earth, what you can give back to society, just as Jesus did when he was here in this world Acts10:38. But our limitations are the people around us, the people who we allow to influence us, who say we are mere men and though we are Christians, must learn to survive. Due to this thinking, we are lured to follow the earthly principles and systems of living Col.2:20. No and I say again, ‘No’, the kingdom of God is a system and not just a place, therefore she has her government and living pattern that is superior to this world system, but maximizing it would be difficult when we are in close relations with unbelieving Christians, who stir us away from the truth of the gospel of Christ. Religion kills and I say it again religion kills, but if we would let go of the asses and stay with the shepherd then, we would soon find ourselves taking off in the air, rising up in power and glory in the fullness and image of Christ unto the full manifestation of a new man, who shall influence and affect our world postively. You would shock yourselve to realize you are a terror to the devil and all his cohorts and that you are reversing impossible situations because the power of God is in you and working through you. Religion would always birth vain deceit and earthly thinking would always birth traditions of men Col.2:8,19-20 and these all would birth a powerless Christians, but if we would heed God’s advise though the writings of Paul in 2Tim.2:15-16, Titus1:10 & 14, 3:9 we would be fine in God, being strong and doing exploits in Him. To shun, is to reject and ignore whatsoever is contrary to you and in this context, you are to shun whatsoever is contrary to the truth of the gospel in Christ Jesus, no matter who is preaching or saying it, avoid these ignorant friends and hold fast to the truth of God’s word, remember 1Timothy1:5-6.

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