What it Means to be Unequally Yoked Pt.3

2. A Disciplined Believer and an Undisciplined Believer (cont’d.)-
What Makes an Undisciplined Believer.? you may ask, it is simply someone who has refused to growin the word of God’s grace, thereby pruning his flesh and disciplining his mind. This person does not guard his heart as God admonishes, thus he continues to live the life he lived before being saved or even a worse lifestyle before getting saved neither does he intend nor desire to change. The undisciplined believer is one who though has prayed the salvation prayer is yet to practically turn his life over to God and make Him the Lord of His life. Rather than changing his lifestyle to fit God’s word, He tries to change Gods word to fit his lifestyle. This believer is lacking in the fruits of the Spirit Gal.5:22-25, God’s word and will for them is not final authority in their life’s, rather their feelings and desires are more important and have the final say in their life’s.

Our responsibility to an undisciplined believer is not to judge them, rather our responsibility is to pray for them unto maturity and to live our own lives before them in honor of God. You are not helping a carnal believer when you join them, rather you are making their life’s worse and delaying their spiritual growth. When I was in college, they were people I wasn’t friends with but I was friendly towards them, I ensured by God’s grace that I said no evil thing about anyone no matter what they did, but I maintained my stand and lived the word clearly for all to see. You see, you don’t have to be afraid of being alone, either when it comes to your believe system or relationships or any other things around your life, because one with God is a majority and soon enough your godly choice would make you a celebrity. After a while, this same set of people I stayed cleared of, started coming to me whenever they where faced with great challenges; for instance, there was a day one of them fell sick and she sent for me, to come pray for her, I was shocked and at the same time thankful to God that He caused my light to shine in her direction. Another time, one had a fight with another and I was called upon as the peace maker, the list goes on and on. Yes, you can make a difference without joining carnal Christians and without judging them because the greater one in you loves them also but requires you to walk wisely and obey His word and leading One casualty is bad enough, two casualties in the kingdom is distasteful to God, don’t add to the number. Your life should be a godly example unto others. If you lack godly friends, pray, ask God for it and He would bring your way Godly, spiritual friends that would spur your growth and challenge you to move up hither with Him. If this godly friends don’t come along, fast enough as you have hoped, believe Him for ministers that you can listen to to encourage you and keep you on fire for Him, whichever way, you have to settle in your mind that God loves you than any other and He knows and wants the best for you. Once that is settled within your heart, you would do fine through the process. Always remember, Grace brings God’s best your way, even as it empowers you to go through unusual processes in God, because Jesus is always right there with you and for you Hebrews13:5.

3. A Earthly minded believer and an Heavenly bound believer- The Holy Spirit gave me a word recently that astounded me. He said “many of you are too focus on what is happening below, rather than being focused on what is going on above. Thus you are powerless over life’s challenges and situations and filled with anxiety”. When He first said that to me, I was so shocked, but the more I meditated on it, the more I saw the light in it. The church at one point has being so scared of being so heavenly conscious and not earthly good that she has become so earthly conscious and not heavenly good. What the church fails to realize is that you can never be heavenly conscious and be an earthly invalid. You can only be religiously minded which will definitely make you an earthly invalid. The question is, what is heaven about? It is about the establishment of God’s will on the earth. Heaven is perfect, it does not need an ammendment in anyway, rather it is the earth that is dysfunctional, groaning and waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God, so if you are so earthly conscious, you would be an heavenly invalid and in the long run an earthly casualty and liability. I have seen churches and Christians in the midst of debilitating poverty without solution for a way forward. I have being to areas where about 70% of occupants in that residence are Christians, yet you can visibly see and sense the strong hold of the devil over their minds, body, finance, business and family. This people look so hungry, that you feel they just might pounce on you the next minute, yet they are Christians, or at least many have many Christians living around them, with diverse churches scattered about. The Lord himself said, my people perish for lack of knowledge Hosea4:6. The reason why the earth has gone worse is not because of the devil alone, rather it is because millions of Christians are ignorant of their authority in Christ Jesus and have failed to exercise it. You cannot demand for what you don’t know you have and you can not give what you don’t have. Ignorance is what has set many bound, thus grace has being cut short; for we know that grace thrives on revelation of the word of life, which is the word of God and it is upheld by the word of God Himself, Jesus Christ.
to be continued….

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