The outpouring of grace upon a person to deliver in full dimension, whatsoever he or she is called of God to do is referred to as the baptism of grace. This Baptism is manifested as the seven Spirits of God, resting upon a man as seen in Isaiah 11:2-3. This was the baptism that was upon Jesus Christ, when He was here on the earth and we all as Christians are privileged to partake of this Baptism as He was, after the Holyspirit comes upon us Acts1:8. Notice the words of Jesus in Acts1:8- Jesus said the disciples and by extension (we all) would receive power ‘AFTER’ that the Holy Spirit is come on them and by extension ‘us’. He never said ‘when’ as some translations may have rendered it, because the root word ‘epelthontos’ used in the original text reflects its meaning as ‘influence’; as in to influence an occurrence, thus Jesus was saying to the church, the Holyspirit would come upon you, after which He would influence your receiving of power.

The general believe about the baptism of the Holyspirit is that you would receive power from God immediately, which is true. But the reality of this truth has not being taken far enough to reveal that after the baptism of the Spirit, comes the baptism of Grace and this two happens so quickly at Holy ghost baptism that it is so easy to ignore it and not be open to it nor acknowledge its presence. We see this amongst the disciples in Acts 2:2-3, in their own baptism experience:

First the house were they sat was filled with a rushing mighty wind. This was the coming in of the Holyspirit (both in returning to the earth in fullness and amongst them and in them as the body of Christ and members of the body) as reflected in Ezekiel 37:7-10.n This great army was created by the death of God, that is the spirit of God. When the Spirit of God comes into a place, one of the symbols of it is by wind or breathe. Up until that day in the upper room which came to be known as the day of Pentecost ‘the day the Holyspirit returned to the earth and infilled people, no man had being filled with the Holy Spirit after the fall of Adam, except for the occasional cases where he came upon men to perform certain tasks just as Jehu, Samson and many others like them. Thus in His full return the earth, He came in all His glory and He chose to do it in symbol of a rushing mighty wind.

Next, cloven tongues of fire appeared to them and sat on them, and this was the Grace of God. That was the anointing of God coming upon them as we see that by this they were filled and began to speak in tongues, because the Holy Spirit now sank into them as much as He was upon them. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit amongst all other things, is to grant us access to divine gift, including opening us up, preparing and making us fit to receive our heavenly treasures. It was by this second experience, after the Holy Spirit had come that Peter, who was once shrewed and unlearned, was able to rise up in boldness and speak to multitude, preaching to them the message of Christ. This great manifestation of Grace was what birth the first story of massive conversion to Christianity Acts2:14-41.

Due to the flow and interaction between the Holy Spirit and Grace many are oblivious of the workings of Grace and take it for granted, thereby loosing out in the unique benefits that Grace has to offer. This we see even in the Ministry of Peter, immediately after the Pentecost in Acts 3&4, when Peter and John healed a crippled, and which heralded the beginning of their persecution, they sought for a fresh engracement to be able to preach God’s word with boldness Acts4:24-30 and God re-enacted the Pentecost experience to them and this time with a clear baptism of grace for there benefits. You would Notice afterwards that diverse and unusual signs and wonders began to take place from the the on amongst the same in an unusual manner. Acts4:33-37 and Acts 5.

The Baptism of Grace is to empower us carry out Jesus commission on the earth Acts 1:8. When the Baptism first took place, Peter was automatically empowered to do that which was commissioned to do; for without shame he preached to the multitude being filled of the Spirit and of Grace. No wonder scriptures refers to the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Grace Zech12:10 & Heb 10:29, because he ushers grace into a person’s life and sustains that Grace. Thus, as Peter operated under this grace of utterance it began to work conviction in the heart of the listeners, leading to conversion 3000 souls, all in one day Acts2:37. After this, came the vilification of the high priests, then the disciples sought in all consciousness the help of the Lord and their request was answered by a tangible baptism of Grace Acts4:3 which escalated the proves of their anointing and callings.

Therefore let us begin to desire a fresh Baptism of Grace as the disciples did in Acts 4, for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a one time experience but which is sustained as we keep engaging of the prayer altar, but the Baptism of grace is continuous all through the days of our life’s as it was with the disciples. Thus as we begin to desire this grace we will begin to advance in our spiritual command over life’s situations even as we advance in spiritual gifts.


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