Grace doesn’t take advantage of God, neither does it take advantage of people. Grace thrives on ‘Love’. Grace receives the Love of God with a pure heart and in turn becomes a reflection of this love to others.
If Grace works by Faith and faith works by love, then it means Grace can only be accessed through Love. Love never Fails, love is kind, Love is the fulfilment of all the law. Thus Grace Never fails and it is the fulfilment of all the Law.
Many times, we assume based on the foundation of Gods Grace that we can behave in whatever way we please, forgetting that we are the reflection of God on the earth and in extension and expression of Love on the earth. But we need to understand that the attitude of Grace is the attitude of Christ, who is love personified, for He brought forth grace and truth to us.

The Attitude of Grace
1. Rest- Grace rests in the faithfulness and love of God. Grace is never agitated nor easily provoked by circumstances. Grace knows no fear, or worry. The heart of Grace is restful, trusting in the Lord and His faithfulness. Grace also rests in the covenant of God without a doubt. Grace rests in God and His promises while God works on His behalf Heb.4.

2. Love- Grace 1st receives the love of God and in turn shows it towards other 1Jhn4:16-21 & 2cor.8:7. Grace thrives on the Love of God, remember 1Corinthians13:2-3; Paul declares in Spirit that He is nothing without Love, Grace receives the Love of Christ and in turn walks in love towards others 1Jhn4:20, 1Jhn2:9&11. Grace doesn’t take others for granted, grace doesn’t judge others in itself because he understands that his judgement is in the mercy of the Lord. Grace doesn’t engage in fraud. Grace is not a licence to sin and hurt others because the spirit in you is the spirit of Love, Kindness and mercy and it is incorruptible Gal.5:22,2Tim.1:7 &1Pet1:22-23 thus it cannot be corrupted for grace does not make you sin more, rather he makes you unable to sin.

3. Patience- Grace is ever patient, never in a haste according to Isaiah28:16, that tried stone refers to Jesus Christ, who was tested in all things and yet without sin. He was the one who brought forth grace and truth and God said he that believeth, (after the order of this tried stone) shall not make haste. Because grace works with Faith, the attitude of Grace is patience. Grace is never agitated, easily irritated, nor hasty and impatient about anything. it flows with the wind of the Spirit, patiently laying claim to receive its inheritance Heb.6: 12, Heb10:36, James1:4, for patience is the way through which grace perfects you James 1:4 & Heb.7: 19. for even our father of Faith reaped the dividends of Grace in his walk of patience

4. Kindness -Grace is kind towards others. Grace never assumes its talk of Faith is sufficient unto one in need, rather grace plunges into the deep to help a dieing soul James 2:15-16. Grace is given to us amongst all other things to abound to every good work 2Cor.9:8, reaching out to the poor, the needy, the lost, the sick, the oppressed, to friends, to family, to neighbours and all those of the house hold of Faith Gal.6:6-10. Grace is not selfish, rather it disperses abroad, giving to the poor 2Cor.9:9. 2Cor.9:9 is an excerpt of Psalm112:4-5 & 9. kindness is the next of kin to Grace. it is the hand and skin of grace. Grace can never be seen nor expressed without kindness as this is the same way God has revealed Himself towards us Eph.2:7. Grace is never tired of helping others, it never cheats and its joy is in the smile on the faces of others.

5. Goodness- Grace wrought goodness everywhere it goes. if it is not good it is not grace. if it is ugly, it is not from God neither is it his will. Scriptures spoke of Jesus, that he went about doing good Acts10:38 and he is the symbol of our grace the testator and mediator of our grace, thus grace goes around doing good always. According to Rom.2: 4, it is the goodness of the Lord that draws and leads us and anyone else to repentance. Goodness is not just a character, it is the nature of God expressed to man. For just as we know that ‘God is Love’, so also is it that ‘God is Good’; not just as an attribute but as a revelation of His intrinsic nature, attribute and person, thus He is ‘Good’, that is all the good there is and ever would be, that is who He is. Therefore whosever has chosen the grace path, would also draw from His goodness and and in return be good as He is because His DNA is in him and he will be filled with manifestations of goodness in that which he does personally and to others. Gal5:22

6. Mercy- Grace has an attitude of mercy, loving kindness and tender mercies is a major attribute of God, all through Scriptures. You will notice in the book of Psalms, a major emphasis on the mercies of God, as David who was a major writer of the Psalms had great revelations of the mercies of God. Mercy is crucial to grace as grace can never be maninfested without mercy. Therefore as God spoke in Isaiah and reiterated it in Hebrews 8:12, that he would be merciful to our unrighteousness and our sins and iniquities, He would remember no more. That same way would a grace man or woman be merciful to others. Therefore we see the reason for which Jesus said if you do not forgive, how shall your heavenly father forgive you mark11:26. Mercy is the source of Grace, for out of His abundant mercy towards us did God manifest His grace to us. Mercy never goes on revenage mission , because “vengeance is mine” say the Lord. So, to keep the flow of Grace running an attitude of Grace must be maintained Matt5:7. Grace is not judgemental, rather grace is merciful and in all way, a reflection of God on the earth through men.


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