Faith is the substance of this hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen Hebrew11:1. it is the spiritual law that receives your inheritance by grace Romans3:27,4:16 & 5:2. Faith never fails to deliver because God’s word never fails to deliver and it is through the word of grace that faith is empowered to deliver the inheritance Jer.32:17, Matt.19:26, Mark 9:23 & Mark10:27. The workings of Faith, goes against the workings of law because the workings of Faith is determined by the nature and terms of Grace. Since grace hinges on the finished works of Jesus. The strength therein is unlimited, because all of Jesus’s journey to the cross, afflictions, death on the cross, travail in hell, resurrection on the third day and ascension unto heaven was ‘All’ for this purpose. Thus Faith holds on to the reality of All Jesus did for us in the aforementioned. Thus the working of Faith, is holding on steadfastly to the truth of God’s word and the finished works of Jesus Christ. Jesus speaking in John 6:29 said the work of the father is to believe on Him Jesus Christ. Examining, Hebrews 4, you would discover that Labour, the work, the engagement we are required to engage in by the Lord is that of Faith. Faith rests in the finished works of Jesus Christ and this rest in Christ is proven by the succeeding actions you take from then on in relation to the leadings of the Lord through the Holy Spirit John16:13-15. Thereby collaborating your choice and decision in Christ. The power of Faith is the corresponding action you take as led by the Holy Spirit.

The Nature of Faith
1. Faith does not establish itself on its own works rather it rests in the finished works of Jesus Christ- Hebrews4:10. Faith is at peace within, trusting in Gods faithfulness to fulfil what He has promised or what you are believing for because of Jesus Christ. Rom4:16-21. Grace does not do something’s to try to qualify for God’s blessings, rather grace believes through faith on God’s blessings and receives His blessings as part of the finished works of Jesus. The corresponding action is to receive what has already being given. imagine a grandfather who has worked years and decades to be able to earn certain benefits and to be able to acquire certain wealth. Eventually he dies and his clueless grandson is called by his lawyer into a room for the reading of the will only to discover that all that grandpa worked for and pwned now belongs to him. Do you think the grandson has to do anything to receive that will ( except in rare extreme cases) ‘no’; because it has already being worked for and all the grandson has to do is smile, real big, pick a pen, sign to the affirmative that he is the rightful heir to the wealth of grandpa and say thank you. if earthly father’s and grandfather’s do this, how much more would our heavenly father Matt.7: 11. Galatians 4 explains how we used to be kept away from this free inheritance because faith was not yet com and the law had to tutor us, but now that faith is come through Jesus Christ ournLord, we are no more bound to the schoolmaster of law and its works, rather we are now open to the maturity of grace that causes us to access the inheritance.

2. Faith can only work and thrive in Love- Gal.5:6 Faith is as potent potent as your love walk. This love walk is of two dimensions: 1. your revelation of how much God loves you. understanding a d conceiving a f receiving this love God has for you. Brother Paul expounds greatly on this in Ephesians 3:17-19 for it takes a revelation of His love for you to be filled with all the fullness of God 1John14:16. 2. Your love towards God and others- this is the action part, where you express your love to others. Love is not real when it cannot be seen. it is not expressed out of obligation rather it is expressed out of the abundance of your heart. For God so loved the world; He gave. In the same vein we receive the revelation of his love for us that we cannot help but just be his hands and feet here on the earth. This was what James was talking about in James 2 & 3, If you study closely, James was not talking about engaging in some lawful deeds, rather he was drawing people’s attention to giving expression to the love and faith that claim to have. King james renders it as works but other translations renders it as good works which explains it better, under the works of love. Studying 1Corinthians13, would help to expatiate this better and Galatians 5:22-23 sums it all up. You see from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks and from the focus of our heart, we carry out actions. if you have fed long enough on Gods love for you you cannot help but love him back and when you do love him back you cannot help but yield to him, love and show love to other humans you meet no matter who they are 1John3:16,23 & 4:21. It is then your faith is empowered to conquer ‘all thing’ because you are operating directly in the class of God and the power of God is upon you. 1John5.

3. Faith has hands, thus it takes whatsoever it believes for, according to God’s will- Mark 11:24, Faith lays claim to its inheritance without fail as it is fully persuaded in all things to deliver whatsoever it desires. Faith takes whatsoever it desires in Christ. Faith never leaves the harvest on the field to rot, rather he gathers them all in as it purposes it or as it receives the revelation of it. Acts27:25 & Mark5:28-34.

4. Faith is formidable, he never gives up- Rom.4:16-20, faith is ever fully persuaded, never looking at the circumstance it is faced with, rather it focuses on the huge capability of Christ Jesus, looking solely unto Jesus, the author and finisher of this faith Hebrews12:2. Faith never goes to sleep until the job is done, just like father Abraham, faith never staggers James1:6-7, he is die hard and dogged to receive what he has set himself to possess. His grip on its possession is strong and even though he may fall down seven times, he rises back up again, still dogged prov.24:16.

5. Faith is perfected in the will of God- Faith only answers to godly desires 1John5:14 such as spiritual increase and maturity, prosperity with right motives, health and healing, financial breakthroughs, liberty and freedom from ‘all’ forms of oppressions e.t.c. Applying faith to ungodly desires would never work, because our God is ‘Holy and Love’ personified, thus whatsoever you cannot find in love you cannot receive from God. Jesus said whatsoever you ask according to the will of God in His name shall be done for you. The will of God there symbolises: (A) finding out the will of God for you concerning your desire, in scriptures and in His presence. For instance, you might desire a new job. Faith wouldn’t just go ahead and start looking, rather faith would seek Gods face in His presence and in His word to know if it is Gods will for you to get a new job. You might just be shocked to find that God is calling you to your own business or he might have a raise for you in that present job and if it is His perfect will that you to take a new job, He surely has the exact one in mind and if you will listen and be patient, He would lead you to it in no time.Faith never works independent of God nor of the leadings of Jesus Christ because He is the author and finisher of this faith we have and do excercise. Faith never assumes, it moves with godly facts and truths of Scripture and Gods will for you. (B) The will of God symbolises His word, God speaking in Isaiah said declare ye before me that thou mayest be justified Isa.43:26; what are you declaring before Him, the confirmation of His will in Scriptures.Faith always declares the covenant of His grace before Him, thus God said put me in remembrance ( of the covenant I have made with you, in the blood of my son Jesus Christ). So faith lays hold on scriptures that backs up the will of the father for you and begins declaring them night and day, Psa.1:2, 42:8 for their speedy manifestations because God hastens after His ‘Word’ to perform it Jer.1: 12.

To be continued…..


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