1. Faith believes in the finished works of Jesus Christ; trusting in the faithfulness of God- Deuteronomy 7:9, Acts15:7-11, Rom.3: 20-22 & Gal.2:16. Faith rests in the finished work of Jesus, spirit, soul and body Heb.4: 3. Spirit, in that it is in this finished works, we have our foundation of Faith. Soul, in that we lay our minds to rest Matt.11:29 without anxieties of any kind for the fulfilment of our desires Phillipians4:6-7, rather our meditation is in the word and not the circumstance. Body, in that we do not try to carry out fleshy laws anymore but have rest from fleshy or dead works to serving the living God Heb.9: 14 in spirit and in truth.

2. Faith takes hold of God’s word of promise and covenant- Holding forth your strong reasons of His promise and word of covenant Isa41:21, he meditates solely on Gods word of covenant and conquers by it Joshua1:8. It lays hold strongly on the covenant of God, thereby creating a stronghold against the devil and cohorts, thereby empowering you to lay claim to the blessing as God cannot break His covenant nor falter in what He had spoken to you Psa.89:34. But faith requires that we keep speaking.

3. Faith believes it receives when it pray- Mark11:24, faith, believes he possessed when he prayed. Doubt has no place with faith, because as a spiritual law of Christ Jesus, he conquers all other laws.

4. Faith lays claim on its desires according to God’s will- Faith never leaves any harvest to waste on the field, rather he takes it all. He boldly declares and he boldly takes. under faith you have whatsoever you say, for life and death is in the power of the tongue Prov.18:21. Whatsoever you say is so, thus as you believe and decree the spoken word, you begin to see manifestations of good.

5. Faith abides in thanksgiving, exercising its trust in God- Psa.112:7, Trust is an advanced dimension of Faith, wherein you risk yourself on God, no matter what, Jer.17:7-8. This is the point where thanksgiving ensues from your heart because it is fully at rest that what He said, He is sure to do it Psa.28:7 & Phil.4:6. Thanksgiving is the attitude of Faith towards God because he is rest assured that it shall be as it was told him of the Lord.

6. Faith dwells in forgiveness, both receiving it of God and showing it towards all others- Jesus taught us that forgives as an act of Grace. For when you stand praying; forgive Mark11:25. Remember, faith works only by love and forgiveness is crucial in our love walk Matt.18:21-35. Also in 1Cor.13 we see forgiveness as part of the attributes of Love. Without forgiveness, whether in you receiving forgiveness from the Lord 1John1:9 or you forgiving others, faith become weak and paralyzed. Faith thrives on the power of forgiveness Matt.9:2-8.

7. Faith abides in love, both receiving and resting in the love of Christ and ministering love to others on a daily continuous and continue basis Hebrews6:10.

8. Faith is swift to follow the leadings of the spirit as regards to possessing the possessions of Faith- As previously stated, Faith is an action word that takes and lays firm hold on his inheritance or claim. Therefore faith is swift to do as directed by the Lord, via His Word and Holy Spirit, because He always leads us to profiting Isaiah48:17. Faith is trusting g enough, to follow God everywhere He goes or leads.


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