Works never gets anything done. Rom.4:16 reflects that it is by faith so that It might be by Grace, that you can inherit the promise. Many times, we allow ourselves to get sidelined by the deception of works. Please understand that when I say works, I mean the attempt of trying to be self sufficient by your own effort. But what many do not realise about works is that, it is a set up for frustration and destruction.
Works is designed to bring you to an end of yourself. Works is made to Keep you on the average. Works is made to bring you to your knees in realisation of your need for Jesus.

The misconception, is that people think works is the basis for receiving from God. We quote several places from psalms to proverbs where Scriptures states that anyone who does not work, must not eat and that the sluggard shall be poor forever; but what we forget to realize is that we can only get as far as you can work for. Rom.4:4 reveals that to him that works is the reward which he receives not of Grace but of debt, meaning whatever you get from working is exactly what the employer owes you. you do not expect to receive more because it is only that which he owes he is obligated to pay. Now that sounds juicy if you receive a good pay, but even if you are earning $500,000 per pay check, depending on your chosen standard of living, you will soon discover that it isn’t enough to take care of All your needs,especially in the area of sickness, disease, debts, mortgage and so on. But with Grace, you receive exceedingly abundantly above that which you could ever ask or think because He is able to make all All Grace abound towards you that you always having all sufficiency in All things may abound to every good work.
Works are of two categories:
1. Self effort
2. Workings of Faith

This is the attempt to make things work in your favour by your own labour, toil and activity outside of God. Peter said to Jesus, we have toiled all night but caught nothing. You see, toil is a curse and it was never intended by God that you should live a life of toil. if you study the life of Adam, you will notice that toil didn’t set in until the curse. Adam lived in abundance and plenty until he fell and the curse came in. Now the question is how did He fall? His desire to make things work by himself without the help of God was what got him in trouble, he did fine as long as he trusted and relied on God for everything; leading directions, instructions e.t.c. just as we know that God always came to commune with him in the cool of the day. But when the temptation to be self sufficient came, he fell to it and lost it all, But Jesus came and got it back for us as He said, I have come that you should have life and have it much more abundantly. So the toiling is all over. He went on to say come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I would give you rest. if He is the one giving the rest then He cannot give the toil with it because the blessings of the Lord, it makes rich and adds no sorrow with it. Self effort is made to destroy you and all that you have; for there is a way that seems right unto a man, the end of it thereof are the ways of death. Self efforts has three sisters :
a) Works of the Flesh
b) Works of the Law
c) Earthy Works

…to be continued…


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