The Secret of Pauls Ministry

Paul was an unusual apostle in the New Testament. His message is the message of Grace. For many years, the body of Christ has taken it to mean the message of Law, but the question is; with what message was Paul able to penetrate the gentile nations? was it through the preaching of the Grace of Christ or through the message of Law. Secondly, how was He able to wrought unimaginable signs & wonders? Was it by the power of the Grace of Christ upon Him or was it by obedience to the Law?
Paul himself shared his secret with us. Beginning from:

1. 1Corinthians15:10 He revealed that his identity came to life by the grace of God and that his labour was wrought by grace. He said He did not labour in himself rather it was grace labouring through Him. Just as Jesus said, the father in me, He does the work. This was the same thing that Paul was trying to say to the church, that the grace of Christ in him was the one working in him and through him both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

2. Paul went on to share his commission & revelation into the mystery of grace Eph.3:3-9. He preached of how grace singled him out, despite his low estate, revealed truth to him and commissioned him to preach it. So that gentiles may know this truth of the gospel of Christ. Why then are we preaching the opposite to ourselves?

3. Paul revealed His unrepentant and absolute stand on this message of Grace through Faith in Christ Jesus when he rebuked the Galatians for their double mindedness away from the truth in Gal.3:2-7. looking closely at verse 2&5 you’ll notice his insistence that miracles and exploits in the Spirit are wrought by the hearing of Faith; and we know that it is of Faith, so that it can be by Grace….Romans 4:16.

Paul took every opportunity to speak of what Grace had made out of Him. The Law had no place with him except for the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus, Rom.8:2 which we know is the Law of Grace, the Law of the New Covenant which hinges on Faith in God and His Love for us and on walking in the perfected Love of Christ towards others (everyone around us).

The secret to Pauls ministry was not His call or the fact that He was learned and a protegee of Gamaliel Acts 22:3, or that he obeyed the Law, No! It was because of his heart connection to the father and his constant focus on Jesus and fellowship with Him. Thus Grace became his priority and of all the apostles of the New Testament, Paul was the greatest apostle of Grace, because He received it by revelation and that became the biggest thought in His heart. He lived for Grace, He lived by Grace and lived through Faith.

Thus we see Ephesians as a book of mysteries. The unveiling of the mysteries of Christ and His Grace. Eph 1:17-20 prays for your receptiveness to receive and comprehend the revelation of this Grace to you, Eph.2 tries to begin unveiling it in series to you. Eph.3:14-19 prays for your comprehension of Gods Love toward you, so that you may be encapsulated in Grace. Talk of being Grace drunk, that was apostle Paul. He was so drunk in the knowledge of the Love of Christ and reality of His Grace that Fetus had to blurt out “Paul! to much learning has made you mad” yes he was right, but no, He was also wrong. It wasn’t learning that made paul mad but revelation of the truth which he was drunk of and this should be our lifes story as believers also.


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