Praying the Prayer of Faith

This is the prayer of absolute trust in God. It is the prayer that must be answered. It neither wavers nor doubts, rather it is rigid and fixed, trusting in the Lord. It sets itself to victory against the devil and it is sure to conquer always.
When you pray the prayer of faith, the focus is Jesus Christ. Your focus is on His grace(His blood poured out, for all to be well with you, making you fully restored unto God and the blessings in Him). You are focused on His finished works on the cross for you.
For instance if you feel sick in your body, your prayer of faith would be focusing on Jesus, who took your infirmities and bore your diseases, by whose stripes you were healed Isaiah53:1-4. If you found yourself broke, your focus should be on Jesus who was made poor for you, that you might be made rich. This is so because Jesus took the curse in your place, for it is written, cursed is anyone that hangs on a tree that the blessing if Abraham can come upon you who was once a gentile Galatians3:13-14.
Soon, as you begin to focus on Jesus, you would find your gaze on Him and your mind thinking about Him and on the words He has spoken to you. Once this takes place, faith is birth in you because Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God; once Faith is set into motion, the power of God is released to Heal, to deliver, to save to set free and to do many more other things.
Thus once a prayer(communication in speech to God; which comes from your heart to your mouth to Him) of Faith is said the answer is as good as done and at this point all you need to do is to ‘Thank God’ in Faith(believing you already have audience with God, believing He is already attending to your case and believing ultimately that you have seen the answer even before it arrives), believing that faithful is He who has promised, who is able to perform every matter you have spoken of. Mark11:23 enlightens on this, saying that when you have prayed, believe you have received it and then you shall have it. It is a constant believing mode or process you switch to in receiving whatsoever you desire of the Lord. This is the Prayer of Faith.
Remain Ever Blessed,
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