The Prayer of Faith

The prayer of Faith, does heals the sick James5:15.
But the question here is ‘Faith in what?’ Is it the prayer of Faith in the drugs to be used or the prayer of Faith in the doctor, or prayer of Faith in your body’s ability to heal fast. You wonder at that, but the truth is that many people have there ‘Gaze’ on so many other things apart from Christ Jesus. They just find it difficult to settle down with Jesus because logic and rationality would not let them be who God would have them be in Him. They cling to their well thought out plans, ideas and thoughts than they would to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. But what they do not know is that it is only in Jesus you find life John 1&6. I remember the story of a woman who was diagnosed with cancer and had gone in for surgery 6 times but it kept coming back, even worse than before. Eventually she gave up having to try to stay alive by the doctors help and cried cried out to the Lord Jesus for help as she did, she felt warm arms envelope her and that was it she went back to the doctor and behold cancer was completely gone with no trace nor reoccurrence of it ever again. She lived years upon years after that, sharing her testimony to the glory of God; so why must your case be different.
Most times people would think, “oh I must meet up with that doctors appointment at 6:00, oh no! I have not used my afternoon dosage of that knee drug, I do hope my body heals fast right now because I really need to get back to work fast.” You must have heard this and said this yourself many times over at different occassions, but what we fail to realize is that the time you would spend in the doctors office, is the same time you would have spent at the feet of Jesus. The satisfaction and healing you would have got from taking those drugs, would have being toppled if you were listening to Jesus words to you and as He said, such words can never be taken away from you. The expectations you were building on your body, if placed on Jesus would have brought you instant healing as it did for Peter’s mother, the woman with the issue of blood, blind batimus and many others.
Notice that the focus of all the aforementioned persons was single and the same ‘Jesus’. Thus Jesus said that when your eyes are single (on Him) your whole body would be filled with light. Now the question is, “is your whole body filled with light? (power, revelation knowledge of the word and of Jesus) because if it is, then sickness and disease would naturally be far from you, because power dwells in that body and where it dares to tresspass, your Faith in Christ Jesus would rise up against it and swallow it up in victory because the prayer of faith, heals the sick and the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.
Stay Blessed,

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