When God Says Yes

When situations and circumstances gets down to it, you’ll have only one question coming strong to your mind, saying: “what do I do” This question always come strongly to us over and again at crossroads but here lies the truth; “no man has the answer to a stiff challenge else he would have already fixed it”. Thus to look to self for answer is to look in the wrong place. A great man of God once had a thought when in a fix on a certain day. He thought and prayed and tried to figure out answers on His own but soon came to the final conclusion about himself that “here lies a fool who knows nothing, doing all the talking to the one that knows Everything.
The world has wrongly taught us that we must have and provide the answers to All things, but this  notion has pushed man farther from God than ever and has made him an unending failure beyond limits because man was made essentially to be dependent on God but independent of man and self. Jesus said that “I do nothing of my own self but it is the father in me who does the work”. There is nothing wrong with you not having the solution to a challenge but there is all things wrong with you trying to fix it on your own. The Help of God is Gods grace and goodnesses made manifest to man. God created us in His image and after His likeness but never created us independent of Him; Thus He said looking up unto Jesus the author and the finisher(perfecter) of your Faith.
The reason for chain failure in our societies today is not because people are neccesry dull rather it is because people have refused to acknowledge God and His power to receive His Help. A great man of God Jerry Savelle, asked God for His definition of Grace and God ministered to Him saying: “When men say no and situations say no but God says Yes that is the Grace and Favour of God. When your brain says”I have reached my wits end” and you mind says “I have exhausted all options” that is when you are to switch to the supernatural because it is at this point the Lord says “I have just begun, back off” until you are still you can never see the manifestations of Gods signs, wonder and goodness in your life because it is in stillness His wisdom comes forth to you and for you. It is the wisdom od God that makes a giant of a dwarf and success of a dullard. Your mind must be laid to rest for His Spirit  to quicken you because “He gives more grace to the humble,… and to him that has no might, he increaseth strength”.
Why not lean on His grace and let Him take you up, Trust in Him and He would direct your path in the ways most profiting. At His Help, when men says no, that is when He says Yes; when your brain has reached its witts end that is when He just started.  Trusting in the Lord is one of the wisest decisions you can ever make in life because in Him all things consists and All His fullness and knowledge dwells.
   Stay Blessed,
  Glow4life Ministries intl.


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I am one who is passionate about the plight of mankind in their quest for happiness and success in their immediate environment and seek to minister and publish practical, workable solutions for effectual living, using biblical principles via the gospel of Grace in Christ Jesus unto mankind. This is our goal at glow4life and I desire that you would be blessed tremendously by it.
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