The Faithfulness of God Pt2

The Lord is love Himself, and He is Faithful by nature 2Thessalonians3:3. The Lord is not faithful conditionally, rather He is Faithfulness unconditionally.
All through the ages, man has always being the variable, while God has remained the constant. He is the same yesterday, today and for ever. He never changes personality as your friend would; rather, He remains the same in person, quality, character, power and strength. When God speaks or decides a thing, He never wavers at it, rather He stands strong on His word unflichingly for performance unlike man who sways at every direction wherever the wind blows.
Have you ever known anyone who you or everyone who knows them refers to them as faithful? One thing is certain, which you can say of them and that is, they remain steady in virtue and commitment no matter the changing seasons of life and circumstances around them. Some people are faithful blogger’s, some are faithful friend’s and some are faithful workers. But the Lord Almighty Himself is the God Faithful. His Faithfulness is all round:
A faithful father to His Children in Christ.
A faithful God to All those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.
A faithful Help to All those in Need
A Faithful defence to those in trouble (when they cry out in faith, believing)
A faithful provider to All those in want.
A faithful deliverer to the captive (either to drugs, sin, the devil etc)
A faithful healer to the sick
All this He is and many more and it is not by our works but by the Grace of God. Gods Faithfulness is established to all on the auspices of the blood of Jesus Christ. His love is unconditional and so is His Faithfulness. Gods Faithfulness to you is not dependent on what you do or dont do (that is what unconditional means) rather it is based on His willful grace toward you and All mankind. That is the reason you could wake up this morning, move around and do whatsoever you desire without the thought of it. It is the Father’s Faithfulness that has kept and sustained you. But just as His Love is unconditional, but must be received by Faith, so must you receive His Faithfulness by Faith for you to see it manifest to the fullest degree in your life. This is so because it is a gift and for any gift to be of maximum use to anyone, it must be received by the recepient. Many people refuse to receive the Faithfulness of God thus they go around frustrated, yet they try to blame God for their misfortune. But permit me to say that this is ignorance per excellence, because no one blames a company for not receiving their coupon if they never showed up at the redemption centre to receive their coupons. It is the same way with God, God’s faithfulness is unconditional but must be received by Faith.

Remain ever Blessed,
GLOW Ministries intl.


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