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When God Says Yes

…When situations says No and challenges says no but God says “Yes”; this is the favor and grace of God. Continue reading

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The God of All Grace

…we as believers are most fruitful and would enjoy the good life the most at the presence of Grace… Continue reading

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The Faithfulness of God Pt2

The Lord is love Himself, and He is Faithful by nature 2Thessalonians3:3. The Lord is not faithful conditionally, rather He is Faithfulness unconditionally. All through the ages, man has always being the variable, while God has remained the constant. He … Continue reading

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Faith in His Faithfulness

“Trusting in Gods Faithfulness is your only access to receiving His very best”. Continue reading

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Why Must We Trust God?

Dear Reader, I remember the story of a man who went boating on beautiful summer morning, the waters were clear, the river having silver streaks of glistening strides, the sun was at its best, shining down on every earthly element … Continue reading

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The Goodness of the Lord

Have you ever experienced havingĀ  your thoughts come to pass for good? Maybe you wished or desired for something, or you just said to yourself, “I wish I could have that” and suddenly, (maybe) the next day or in months … Continue reading

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His Faithfulness Endures

I will shout upon the Hill top, For your Mercies Endures forever. I will scream upon the mountain top, For your Faithfulness is without end. Be exalted oh Lord, And let all your glory fill all the earth, Be lifted … Continue reading

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